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„I downloaded GTA for free“ – Guide – GTA Online Guide for Epic Games Launcher Players

GTA 5 Online Premium Edition: What's in Epic Games Store Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack?

Get yourself everything you „Starter Pack“ contains, you get properties, vehicles, weapons and clothes for free in a worth of $9.000.000 GTA Dollars. You also get extra $1.000.000 in cash, but this could take up to 7-10 days to get it. All the sales you have will be shown with a dollar sign! Here’s what and how:
For property and vehicles open your phone (arrow key up) and go to Internet (arrow key done>enter)
Property: (In the internet go to „Money and Services“)
Maze Bank West Executive Office (on Dynasty 8)
Paleto Forest Gunrunning Bunker (on Maze Bank Foreclosure)
Great Chaparral Biker Clubhouse (on Maze Bank Foreclosure)
>Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory (if you own the clubhouse, go to the computer there and unlock this property)
1561 San Vitas Street Apartment (on Dynasty 8)
1337 Exceptionalists Way 10 Car Garage (on Dynasty 8)
Vehicles (in the internet go to „Travel and Transport“)
Enus Huntley S, Invetero Coquette Classic, Grotti Turismo R, Bravado Banshee, Enus Windsor, (Annis Elegy RH8) (on Legendary Motorsports click „Sort by Price“ once)
Western Zombie Chopper, Obey Omnis, Pegassi Vortex (on „“ click „Sort by Price“ once)
Frogger (on Elitas Travel click „Sort by Price“ once) you can request any aircraft vehicle you own by calling Pegasus on your phone (you can do that in your contacts). The helicopter are an essential vehicle in the game to travel from A to B
Dune FAV (on Warstock click "Sort by Price" once)
Weapons, Clothing & Tattoos (not on your phone but on the map)
Compact Grenade Launcher, Marksman Rifle, Compact Rife are avaliable at every Ammu Nation Gun Shop (Pistole sign at the map)
(Stunt Race & Import / Export Outfits, Biker Tattoos)

Some more tipps:

Solo Public Lobby: really worth it if you wan’t a online session for your own/friends and don’t want to be killed by other players randomly. Press ESC + CONTROL and look up for „resmon“ in your search line. You will find a sort of Task Manager. Find GTA5.exe > right click > hold on the process > wait for like 7sec > right click > continue the process. Now all players will be kicked.
How to turn off your car radio: Yes, I have been asked about this. If you want to change your radio channel or turn your radio off press Q.
What weapons to use as a beginner: Buy the Mikro SMG to shoot out of your car and the Special Carabine to fight NPCs and equip them unconditionally with a silencer and an extended clip as quick as possible. It costs about $40.000 with extensions each. The Homing Rocket Launcher ($75.000) is also an important investment if you need to shoot down helicopters. Also buy Sticky Bombs, they will be really useful.
Learn to fly! On the map is a plane sign, which is a flying school. Flying is a really important part in the game and you have to get known with the controlls of it. You also get a bonus of $230.000 Cash if you complete all flying lessons with a gold medal.
How do I find people to play heists with: If you have no friends who want to play GTA with you there are of course other opportunities. On specific subreddits like HeistTeams or gtafriends you will find people who are solo players too and need heist members. There are also GTA community discord servers like the one from the youtuber TGG: here. You will never be alone!
Weekly Discounts/Bonuses: really worth to look for that. It changes every Thursday at 10 CET. On gtaonline it will be pinned on top of the subreddit. There may be huge sales for cool vehicles and properties (for example 40% off). Sometimes there are double or triple $ and RP events, which is extreme worth grinding. Like for this week 2x for bunker sell (during an 2x money event on the stock of your business the value is already doubled!). Do the Time Trial which you can do once a week to get a $100.000 each. How to drive these races "the right way" and where to find them can you look up on the pinned discount posts on gtaonline.
Lucky Wheel: In the casino you can spin the Lucky Wheel every 24h. Prices are Money, RP, sales, clothes and the podium car. The podium car changes with the Weekly Discounts every Thursday and you can with the car every week (Tipp: When it says S to spin the wheel count to 1,2 ,3 in your head to have a higher chancer to get the car).
Best investments: For absolute beginners for sure invest in the cheapest High End Apartment Del Perro Heights Apartment 7 ($200.000) on the Dynasty 8 website where you get the opportunity to play your first heists. Play the Fleeca Job then (about $80.000 earnings), where you unlock the sale for a Kuruma ($525.000) which is a must have car for beginners. It’s fully armored and you can literally do every missoins with it because the NPC’s can’t shoot you in there. It can be bought on SouthernSanAndreasAutos**.com.** And if you want to upgrade your helicopter get the Buzzard Attack Chopper for $1.750.000 with machine guns and the essential missiles. In my opinion the best investment you can make to grind for money. It can be requested everywhere for free instead of $25.000 if you are registered as CEO (open shortcut menu with M>SecuroServ>CEO Vehicles>Buzzard).
Fast Money: There are plenty of guides on Reddit how to make quick cash in grinding. (Money Grinding) My recommendation: Play Heists with friends who are high level. If you are alone or new with your friends go for Contact Missions (How: ESC >Online>Jobs>Rockstar Created> Missions) Every Contact Mission gives you about $10.000-15.000. The longer you play a Contact Mission, the more money you will get. But on the long run it's more worth it to play the job as quick as possible (in 4-6min $115.000/h and remember with double $ and RP event $230.000/h) Each player in the mission increases the payout by 10%, so best is to play in a full round. (Payouts and other questions for Contact Missions here).


There are plenty of businesses you can run. You own the Bunker business and one M(otorcycle)C(lub) Business . Go to the location of your business, do the setup missions and refill your supplies regualary. In each of this businesses you can improve your production by buying equipment upgrades and staff upgrades (first buy the cheaper staff upgrade then equiment upgrade). You can also buy security upgrades because your business will be raided by NPCs (like Police) and trough this you can minimize the probability of raids. The security upgrades doesn't affect your production! (but in my opinion not really worth it because you still can be raided). You can steal or buy supplies. If you didn't bought the upgrades yet, steal the supplies. If you have all upgrades who improve the production of your business buy the supplies for $75.000. The businesses stock will fill in a certain time, but you have to be online in the game! If you have good stock you can sell your products (invite friends for that). Always sell to the best priced location. (Los Santos most of the time) And go in a public solo session, you don't want your products destroyed by some idiot, random player. If your vehicle gets destroyed or you was not able to deliver everything you will lose money. Business is easy money for doing close to nothing + during the time your business fills up you can grind on other Missions or the Special Cargo Crate Missions, whatever you like. Choosing the right location for you business is very important! Look that your businesses are as close together as possible. You will drive crazy going 7 miles all the way up on the map just to look how many supplies you have left. Here's a map for all properties there are, so you can choose the best locations for yourself!
Don’t buy the nightclub business as a beginner! You will need the other businesses first to play missions in the nightclub + to get in running you need to pay millions for the 5 mechanics who will farm the money for you.
You can switch between beeing a CEO or MC President: Open your shortcut menu with M. .To retire as a CEO go to SecuroServ>Retire. To retire as a MC President go to Motorcycle Club>Disband MC.
You can add somebody to your CEO Organization or your Motorcycle Club: to add someone as CEO go to SecuroServ>Hire associates and select who you want to add. As a MC President go to Motorcycle Club>Find prospects and select who want to add. With this function your friends can help you do to deliver your products.
Bunker Business: In the bunker you can decide between Manufacturing, Research or both. For money do Manufacturing only. On Research you don't get money, you will unlock weapon upgrades for particular vehicles which also costs money to be customized on your vehicle (Research takes a lot of time and their 51 different weapon upgrades which takes about 7 days if you run it non stop) Doing both may sound smart, but it takes twice as much of the time it would normally take. So doing both is not worth it. If you sell solo sell your stock at $125.000 with no upgrades and at $175.000 with upgrades for one vehicle. For higher stocks invite friends to help you. If you're interested in the number of production, supplies and time it takes: Read it up here.
MC Business (Motor Club Business): Your sort of command center for all the businesses will be your clubhouse. The best clubhouse is the Grand Chapparal Clubhouse. It's the cheapest and will be located near your businesses. You can own 5 different MC Businesses ($/hr with staff- and equipement upgrade + recommended location): Cocaine Lockup in Alamo Sea ($46.500/hr); Methamphetamine Lab in Grand Senora Desert ($29.500/hour); Counterfeit Cash Factory in Grand Senora Desert ($27.000/hr); Weed Farm in San Chianski Mountain Range ($24.000/hr); Document Forgery Office in Grapeseed ($12.000/hr). If you're interested in the number of production, supplies and time it takes: Read it up here and the "nerd" version here.
Special Cargo Missions: In your CEO Office which is directly located next to your High-End apartment (if you bought the one for 200k) you can grind the Special Cargo Missions. You have to buy a warehouse and source crates. There are three kinds of warehouses: small, medium and large warehouses. The bigger it gets, the more money will it costs but the more you can store in there. You can choose between stealing 1, 2 or 3 crates. Always go for 3 crates. It is the expensivst but you will get the most money out of it in the long run. There is a 5min cooldown between every mission, so people buy a second warehouse to instantly start the next mission when they arrived at the Office (Yes, it's annoys to always wait). Cheapest small warehouse $250.000 (16 crates space, full stock sale $144.000 profit), cheapest medium ware house $880.000 (42 crates space, full stock sale $483,000 ) and cheapest large warehouse $1.900.000 (111 crates space, full stock sale $1,554,000 ). (table of profits and time it needs to fill) If you do solo, sell every 9 crates stored to get only 1 vehicle!
Import/Export Business: A CEO Mission (on your Office Computer "Vehicle Cargo"), where you steal cars and source them into a garage. The cheapest garage is $1.500.000 and you can buy in on your Office Computer. There are three catergories of cars: Standard, Mid- and Toprange. The top range cars are the one you want to sell. You can always tune them up for $20.000 and for delivering you get $100.000 which means about $80.000 Profit if you not damage the car. (Sometimes you will be attacked while you steal/deliver the car) There is an algorithm that if you have 10 Standard- and 10 Midrange cars in your garage, you will only get Toprange cars. Always tune them up before you sell and never sell Standard or Midrange cars except you really need the money. You always want to go for the Toprange cars to get the most money out.

Final word

These are just some recommendations in how the game works and what variations there are to make fast money. You can still choose your business locations for yourself, but I recommended the best and effectivst (in my opinion). The most important part is to have fun in playing the game. There are pretty good guides on Reddit and also on Youtube. It’s really worth reading/watching these if you want money. The Guides on Reddit are much more precise. But keep in mind, you have to invest plenty of time to get rich. It’s not done tomorrow.
And please, don’t be an asshole in the lobbies. Be a friendly and nice player and do not kill players and destroy their cargos. Every GTA Player hates this kind of people and remember, high level players are stronger and will go for revenge. They will target the shit out of you until you just want to quit the game.
Have fun playing the game and I hope I could help some new players with my information!
I’m sure if there are anymore questions Reddit will help you.
Here are useful links to other guides on Youtube or Reddit
Please send, maybe better, Youtube and Reddit Guides under this post so I can add the links, thanks. I'm open for improvement on this guide!
Youtube Guides:
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My personal playlist which helped me a lot
Bunker Beginner Guide
MC Business Beginner Guide
Best Business Guide
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Reddit Guides:
GTA Online Mega Guide and Weekly Simple Question Thread - May 14, 2020 <-- is the best with the most information about grinding and different variations to get fast money.
The complete CEO/MC solo Guide
Special Crate Guide
Offices, Warehouses & Crate Missions: CEO FAQ & Guide Index
Thanks for reading.
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Edit 1: typos and ride share info
Edit 2: photo spot location and photo
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Edit 1: added a section about safety.
Edit 2: added sections on tours and inclement weather.
Edit 3: updates and clarifications.
Edit 4: updated Windsor Tunnel bus link
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The Shame of Adult Male Virginity

When I was 18 or 19 I felt that being a virgin was still okay; one day I confidently stated this at work--a receiving/shipping air & truck terminal, blue collar work with older union guys who openly talked about sex all the time--and felt extremely shamed at the response I got. In retrospect they weren't judgemental but surprised, and two of them offered to "pay" for me, and I felt insulted and ashamed at that. As I went through my 20's I matured in many ways: I became completely financially responsible for myself, I moved out of Mom's house, I worked my way through college and built a successful career. I was a responsible, productive adult, but I wasn't dating. Although I felt shame from time to time about being a virgin I had an inner confidence that once I started dating things would go well for me; I was overweight but otherwise good looking, and I had the job and finances going my way [insert your own confidences and no-confidences here]; what wasn't to like? At age 27 I finally started dating but constantly got the "let's just be friends" and variants of that. Then I felt something was wrong with me; I was missing something. Here I am, 27, dating, but women aren't going for me. I suddenly felt like I was 14 again: just starting to like girls but clueless about them. It was a very weird feeling to feel so adult and so childish at the same time, and I felt that my lack of experience with women was a large part of why they weren't interested. I was 27 then and they expected me to know how to woo and seduce a woman. I don't know if that's what they all thought, but my 4-year woman date/friend (on and off) definitely has an issue with being my first sexual experience, and I've overheard other conversations of women my age indicating they vastly prefer experienced men. As the years went by into my 30's I became more and more shy and now am deathly afraid of a woman or my peers making me feel ashamed or juvenile if they find out I'm still a virgin. When I was 28 I dated 7 women in that year, but I've dated one in the past two years now.
I don't even talk to anyone about my virginity anymore; at one time I had a female email pen-pal with whom I felt comfortable sharing my feelings and getting her point of view but after a year quit learning from her and felt I was whining all the time, and briefly I shared some inner thoughts with my married sister but felt disrespected in her responses, and I no longer talk about sex or virginity with my 4-year lady friend because I know she would've slept with me by now if she ever wanted to, and conversing with her about sex feels like getting rejected all over again; I feel like she thinks of me as her girlfriend or a neutered guy; if she reinforces her unwillingness to have sex with me it's a direct rejection, but even if she tries to encourage me it's like she's saying "you're not good enough for me, but if you could find someone desperate enough to have sex with you...."
Of course, there are many parts of our society that encourage or even insist that men remain virgins until marriage. This site is not to debate that; if your values or beliefs lead you to stay a virgin I have no problem with that and respect you for it. This site is to help those who are adult frustrated involuntary virgins from feeling so bad.
It's Not As Bad As We Think
I'm about to stop composing for today, but I don't want to end on a whiny, shaming, "I feel bad" mood, because you had that before you read all this. I think a lot of our problem is self-shaming, and I don't think others think our being an older virgin is as bad as we think; I'm beginning to suspect there is a lot of understanding and acceptance available to us if we opened up a bit. Everyone is insecure about something. I am no longer just overweight but obese, yet when I take the time to pull my head out of my ass I realize that people--even women--react very positively to me, and I sense attraction from women. Some of you might think you're ugly or otherwise undesirable, but look around and some of the guys with women and you'll see there is always somebody uglier or less desirable with a woman. Our feelings of insecurity and desperation are self-feeding, and they show through to women; I'm sure of this. When I'm attracted to a woman is when it all falls apart for me. When I'm not feeling that way women are fine and warm with me. I'll bet you're the same way.
I believe that our insecurities sabotage our advances towards women. I think women are very accommodating, but they want us to drive. Some women don't want to deal with an inexperienced lover, but I believe if I approached my 4-year lady friend with straightforward statements of intention and my experience I would've had sex with her, but instead I approached her almost apologetically and almost begging; in retrospect it was like I was asking "please, mommy, can I have some sex?" or "will you teach me to have sex?" I think it would've been much more likely to succeed if I had confidently said something like "I'm a bit nervous about sex, but I want to rub your feet [she likes when I do that], massage your body and see where that leads." Or maybe it would've been better just to do it and not say it.
In short I think if we can accept our virginity and lack of experience yet still proceed with confidence the women will feel relaxed and accommodating and not feel like they have to teach us to be men. Much easier to say than do, of course, but perhaps if we can air out our insecurities here anonymously and get our heads (both of them) on straight we can finally feel confident, loved and accepted.
One of the first things I'm asked whenever I (rarely) tell someone I'm a virgin: "Do you masturbate?" I don't think it's funny when they ask, but it happens every time, and I think that's funny. Maybe that indicates that they aren't judging me but reflect upon their own insecurities and wonder how I can go for long without an orgasm?
I Got Laid!
Well, I got laid. And I'll give you my thoughts before and after, and describe as best I can the experience of losing my virginity to a paid escort in a hotel room in Windsor, Ontario (Canada). This is really long and rambling, and it changes subjects rapidly a few times, but that's what you get. I think I'm more apt to go try to get laid some more rather than refine this. I hope this helps! It's divided into three smaller headlines. If you want the Penthouse Forum fuck'n'suck details right away, jump to paragraphs 5 and 6 after the "Fuck and Tell" headline. I get pretty detailed. But a lot of my thoughts are in here too. In the third headline "Virgin No More" I try to provide encouraging and enlightening thoughts for adult male virgins to consider.
Before: Last Days of Virginity
I've been trying lately to get myself out of the apartment and be more social. I've been getting more and more hermit-like over the past two years, and I'm not getting any younger. Frankly I'm getting fatter, too; it's a cycle that feeds itself: I feel unwanted for being fat, so I stay at home and do less and get fatter. It's a hard battle with myself, and my lack of confidence doesn't help. I put an ad up on Yahoo! Personals and sent a few emails but got no responses!
In the past I never wanted a prostitute. I was mildly curious, but the stigma was too bad, and I didn't think paying a woman to have sex would increase my confidence. In fact I thought paying for sex would decrease it, and I figured I'd then think "gee, I can only get sex if I pay for it." And, of course, in most of the U.S. it's illegal. So the combined stigma, personal feelings, high risk of public embarassment if caught and fear of the scene (disease, drugs, possibly getting robbed) kept me from ever seriously considering it. But recently I started trying to learn more about it. It's really hard to find that sort of info! For a couple of weeks I had no solid info, then I found the World Sex Guide web site. It includes forums where guys post their experiences with prostitutes including prices, tips and such. I read and read and read and got a better idea of what the costs, procedures and risks would be for given areas. Many of these guys are "sex tourists" or "hobbyists" who regularly visit prostitutes. Some are single and some are married or otherwise in a relationship. Even here I found no info about losing your virginity to a prostitute, but you can't have everything, can you? For more general prostitute info and links, go to my American Prostitution freesite linked below.
Reading about the hows, wheres, costs and risks of prostitution took much of the fear of the unknown away. And I found out that outcall prostitution is legal in Canada, and in fact the escorts register with the state! I decided that since I'm not getting any younger, and I'm not making progress towards dating or having sex I would start seriously considering paying a prostitute. For various cost, referral and risk reasons, my three preferred options were to hire a local outcall girl to come to my house ($300/hr), drive to another state that seems to not be cracking down on some strip clubs offering sex in the back rooms ($90/half hour or orgasm, whichever first) and driving to Canada, getting a room and hiring an outcall escort (legal, $150-$300 per hour Canadian = $107-$214 US, plus gas, tolls and hotel, hotel rates vary, 2-3 hour rates available). I decided I wanted a girl who would not make me feel rushed or hurt my ego in any way, so I decided Canada was the way to go because the girls' contact information and reputation are fully public because they are legal and registered. I picked an independent escort (as opposed to an agency) that seemed well-recommended and relatively cheap to boot. I emailed her and told her where I was from, how I heard of her and that I was looking to lose my virginity in hopes of lifting my confidence and increasing my sex drive. I told her I'd like to come up on my day off. She emailed back and was pretty friendly but said she had a cold and was taking the weekend off. She did ask me to let her know if I could come up later.
Fuck and Tell: The Gory Details
By now I had pretty much psyched myself into doing it. I really didn't need to spend the $300 or so on the trip, but like I said I'm not getting any younger. I thought I might change my mind between days off, but I didn't. I made up my mind to do it. I emailed her a day ahead of time and told her I was coming up and asked if she was avaialbe. Unfortunately I didn't get an answer before I left the next morning, but I went anyway. If I were to do it over again, I would plan farther ahead, reserve a room ahead of time and reserve the escort's time ahead of time and make sure I left with several hours to spare. Food for thought if anyone follows in my tracks, but as you'll see it worked out okay for me this time. As I drove I realized it was a Friday and probably one of her busiest days. I had hoped to get there by early afternoon, but I left so late I'd be lucky to get there by 6pm. I called her from what I thought was three hours away and made the appointment. She sounded quiet and shy when answering the phone, and I wasn't quite sure how to handle the situation; I felt very self conscious sitting at a phone booth and making an appointment to pay for sex. Of course I was nervous too, and I got the feeling she was nervous bout meeting someone new. I identified myself and she recognized my name from the emails. Anyway I kept the call very short and we estimated that the appointment would be at 7pm. I decided to get two hours to be sure I wasn't rushed and in hopes of trying everytyhing out and having sex several times.
I was running it much closer on time than I thought and didn't have a cell phone. It takes time to get accross the US/Canada border, but not too much. I had decided on staying overnight, and she suggested the casino (Casino Windosr) hotel saying it was comparably priced to the rest. I found the casino, parked in the garage, walked in and tried to get a room. It was about 6:55pm and they were fully booked! I called the escort again and told her the situation and that I'd call her back in a few minutes when I found a hotel. She gave another suggestion, and I went to the Concierge and got some more suggestions, one of which was a 3-block walk. I walked instead of drove because I figured it would be much faster than getting lost and parking. I booked the room, went to it and called the escort; it was now about 7:15pm and we agreed that she'd come by in about 30 minutes. I told her I was going to shower even though I had already showered just before I left. I wanted to be super-clean. I used the restroom and the toilet clogged. Then I realized I broght shaving cream but no razor, a toothbrush but no toothpaste, no comb or brush and no underwear other than what I was wearing. Basically by this time I felt rushed and stupid, and everything was falling apart. I got a razor and toothpaste from the hotel and showered thoroughly and then called hotel maintenance to unclog the toilet figuring we would need it at some point over the next two hours.
The escort arrived; I'll make up a name for her because it's getting old typing "the escort" and it's very impersonal, and I'm about to describe fucking her. She's legal and registered so I could use her real name (or at least the name she gave me), but I'm not going to mainly to be sure my identity is protected. Her name is now Jane, okay? So, Jane arrives at 8pm, later than she said, but I was late, too, and the damn maintenance guy wasn't there yet. I had seen photos of her on the internet, but for some reason her face was erased in her photos; some of the escorts did that. I wasn't expecting a model face, but she was prettier than I expected. Most of the escorts aren't young and skinny, and the ones that are charged more. Jane wasn't skinny, but I wouldn't call her fat. She was in her mid 30's. Everything but the face I knew about beforehand. She had a yellow sun dress (I think that's what it was) on. I greeted her, asked her in and asked her to have a seat. I had read other reviews that she hugged guys when greeting, but she didn't with me. I told her that I was expecting the maintenance guy because the toilet was clogged; I called the front desk again and they said he'd be right up.
I apologized for being late and apologized because I was afraid I sounded curt on the phone. She started some "getting to know you" small talk, and we talked about my work, her work and some other things I can't recall right away. The maintence guy showed up during the small talk and fixed the toilet and left. I told her--in person this time--about why I hired her and how I felt little confidence with other women. Well, enough of that crap, let's get on with the Penthouse Forum part of the story. Suffice to say it took us a few minutes to get comfortable with each other an she expressed that she gets nervous meeting new clients because she never knows what to expect behaviorally. Okay, one more thing I haven't mentioned yet: She knew I was heavy and had seen pictures of me when I emailed her because I wanted to be sure that wasn't a problem, and it wasn't. One more "one more thing": I counted the money out and put it on the dresser because I read that's what you do. I had it out before she came but put it away until the maintenance guy left, then took it out before we got down to business.
I wasn't sure quite how to get started, but she must've sensed that becase she said "well, I guess we should get started". I stammered a bit and said "I'm all for that" but couldn't quite figure out what to say or do next. I told her "I'll let you start because I don't know how to." She said "lets take our clothes off" and started taking hers off. I took of mine and helped her with her zipper. She told me to lie down on the bed and I did. She was wearing a black lacey bra and panty combination and asked if I wanted them on or off; I was trying to decide and she took them off. She had a shaved pussy and had a pierced belly button. Her tits weren't as shapely or large as most strippers or porn stars, but I wasn't complaining.
I was somewhat nervous, but not so much that it paralized me. I had the knowledge that we were going to fuck and my looks and performance didn't matter and that took a lot of the anxiety away. She laid in bed next to me with her naked body against mine. She said "hi" and I said "it's nice to meet you." She laid on top of me and kissed me quite a bit. She then worked her way down by chest and belly to my balls, rubbing her hands and nails all over me and rubbing her tits on my cock while it got hard--that didn't take long! When I was hard she started licking my balls. Oh my God that felt great! (When masturbating I've never played with my balls much; this was quite a new sensation.) She put as much of her tounge as she could on my balls and licked up and around them. I could feel the texture of her tounge. She licked from the back of my sack near my anus up. Wow. You gotta try that...never felt anything like that when masturbating. She said she could taste the soap and I apologized, but she laughed and said that was fine and it smelled nice, and I figured better soap than shit. Make a note to rinse very thoroughly when bathing before sex. She licked my balls for a while and ran her nails over my lower belly and on my upper inner thighs near my anus. That area is quite sensitive and I've never stimulated it before...I gotta remember to try that on women in the future as it must feel good to them, too.
She got a flavored condom (she brought them) and put it on me. It was cherry flavored and I laughed and said that was appropriate. She laughed too because I don't think she planned it that way. She put the condom on me and went down on me. That felt really good; I felt her lips and tongue and even her teeth! I just barely felt her teeth gently gliding along and they felt very nice...I assume that was intentional, but maybe all blowjobs are like that. I kept finding myself closing my eyes and enjoying the pleasure then reminding myself to open them and look at this woman sucking my dick! It was nice seeing a woman there, ass up in the air so pretty and all real not imagined.
I had previously wondered how long I would last before ejaculating when having sex. I had read that many men only last 1-3 minutes. I could masturbate for 10-30 minutes, sometimes more, but I had read one guy somewhere saying that he could masturbate a long time but comes quickly when fucking. I didn't know what to expect, but she told me before we started that men she's been with before who've either been virgins or married and not fucking thier wives for years can't always come with her, and that they have to masturbate to finish. Sure enough, the blowjob felt great but I never felt close to coming. But it still felt great!
After a few minutes of her sucking my dick she sat up and said "are your ready for some screwing?" Hell yeah. She asked me what position, and I said lets start with her on her back. I'm fat and I knew I couldn't lie on top of her, and this was one of my concerns about sex with women, so I was eager to figure out how I'd manage to fuck. She laid on her back and spread her legs. I resisted the idea to play doctor and get a close look at what a real twat looks like up close, but I did rub my finger around her pussy lips a bit and between them. She liked that. I was slightly concerned about getting my dick in her because my belly was starting to look really big and in the way, but it wasn't a problem and I penetrated with a little hand guidance from her. (I'm fat enough where I can't quite see my dick go in.)
Wow guys, pussy feels great! I mean it really feels good! It's like it's made to please our cocks or something. (Oh yeah.) I've masturbated with various sex toys including a Cyberskin pussy, but there's no substitute for the real thing. It felt hot inside--not just warm--and it felt like there were muscles at the opening of her vagina squeezing my cock gently. I was very slow and gentle at first, trying to figure out how best to put my hips, hands and knees to support myself and get the deepest penetration. I can tell sex would be more fun without my big belly in the way, but it's definitely possible and pleasurable to fuck when you're fat. I'm not sure how to describe the feeling of my cock deep inside her. Squishy, warm and soft don't really seem to get the point across. It feels great, but I'm sure it would've felt better without the condom. (Would NEVER go condomless with a prostitute, though.) She seemed to enjoy the fucking and told me several times that felt good. I tried some shallow thrusts and some deep thrusts, but all fairly slowly. It felt really good but I still wasn't close to coming. Again I kept finding myself closing my eyes and savoring the feelings like I do when I masturbate, except that this time I don't have to pretend that I'm fucking a woman because I know it's real. I kept reminding myself to open my eyes and look at her. Her body below me, her legs out to the side and behind me, her tits bouncing gently as I thrust. A couple of times I pulled a bit far back and came partway out and didn't go back in smoothly. I asked her if that hurt and she said no.
I want to talk a bit about my frame of mind. It wasn't like "Yippee, yeehah I'm fucking, I'm getting laid!" like I thought it would be. It was kind of surreal. I frequently felt like I wasn't excited enough. I was telling myself (in my head) "hey, you're in bed with a naked woman fucking her just like you always wanted, shouldn't you be more excited?" And I'd answer myself "yeah? so? I like it. Big whoop." I mean I was excited, but not in the way you are at a football game when you're screaming for the home team. I don't think I'm getting the point across well. I guess it's more like when you're watching an X-rated film and get horny and masturbate. It's all exciting eye-candy before and during masturbation, but after I come I get bored and turn the movie off. When fucking her I wasn't bored, but I was enjoying the feeling of her pussy around my cock and the feel of her skin on mine and her hands and nails running over my body. So my sexual excitement while fucking was a more mellow thing than the "ride-em cowboy" porn films sometimes portray. But I'm not complaining or saying that's a bad thing. It compares more to enjoying great food. You don't jump up and down and scream "YEAH! Fuckin' great steak!" but you sit there and savor the flavors and the moment. That's what sexual excitement was like for me; it was being mellow enough to feel all the sensations of her pussy and body against me while being energetic enough to thrust in and out.
She told me ahead of time that there's no trick to it, just do what feels good and experiment with each other, and that's what we did as I pumped her and tried a few different adjustments and she moved her hips and legs here or there. After a while I told her I wanted to try doggie style. She got on all fours and put her legs wide. For some reason I had expected my legs to straddle hers, but she told me to put my legs closer together and said if I wasn't tall enough that I might have to stand. I was surprised since I'm a tall guy and she was a short girl. I expected that I'd be too tall, but nope. I put my legs almost together and she had to help me put it in again. We did that for a little bit, but I couldn't penetrate as deeply in that position and I didn't really have a place to lean because I figured I was too heavy to put my hands on her backside and lean.
We didn't doggie for very long, and I said I wanted to try something else but wasn't sure what yet. She told me to lie down on my back, and I said "oh yeah!" realizing that she was going to mount me and ride me. She said her legs were short and she wasn't sure if this was going to work, but it worked pretty well. I don't remember that part much for some reason; I don't think that lasted very long, but I can't recall how good the penetration was. (For me the deeper penetration feels better; I like her pussy grip as close to the base of my cock as possible, but it all feels good, really.)
I think I remember now. I think that's when I asked her about how long most guys last and if I was a tough customer. She didn't really answer directly but we acknowledged that my long-term hand masturbation made it difficult to come with her. I assured her I was enjoying everything very much though. She got off me and started sucking my dick and licking my balls again it felt great and lasted quite a while, and she was frequently bobbing her head up and down quickly. It felt great, but I still wasn't close to coming. Not really a problem for me since I was enjoying everything and getting my ego pumped up at how long I was lasting, but I started wondering if she was getting tired of bobbing up and down on me. I kept thinking about asking her if she needed a break or wanted to fuck some more but it felt good and I felt like I didn't want to interrupt her.
She finally sat up and said "I need a drink of water" and I told her I was wondering if I should give her a break. So we both drank some water. She sat cross-legged on the bed with a pillow in her lap, and I laid beside her and we talked some more. We talked a bit about our fucking and some other things. My cock was staying hard but finally started deflating a bit after a while. I said "uh-oh, I'm going down" and she started sucking it again and perked it right back up. She licked and sucked, but I really wanted to fuck her some more but was a bit shy about asking and couldn't figure out how to ask nicely, so I finally said "I'd like to screw you, but I can't figure out a nice way to ask." She laughed and said there really isn't a nice way and laid down.
I was able to put my dick in her myself this time, and I once again savored her pussy. I fucked slowly for a bit, and then went faster. I went deeper and faster, and she was into it and I was into it. I went what I thought was all-out, but I'm sure I could've pumped harder if I wanted to. She reached up an braced agains the headboard to keep from slipping, and I pumped and pumped away. I started feeling a tingling in my loins as her pussy muscles slid and gripped, and the base of my cock felt more excited and I realized I was probably going to be able to come. I had actually started worrying about not being able to come with her and briefly wondered about whether about my virgin status if I fucked her but didn't come, but that was a brief thought that went away because we were having too much fun. But it was good to know I could last long and still come with a woman. So I continued pumping quickly and firmly as deeply as I could, and her breathing changed and she moaned a bit. (When masturbating a woman moaning always gets me hotter, but it really didn't seem to affect me this time, but maybe that's because my dick was in her already and I was already fully stimulated.) Her moans and breathing got really erradic, and I wondered if she orgasmed, and I wondered if I should ask her and/or slow down and/or stop, but I just kept going because my loins and the base of my cock were tingling more and more and I wanted to fill that condom while pumping her. My breathing had been getting heavier and heavier and I was now grunting and moaning at times but just enjoying the animal pleasure of it. In the past when I've used a fake pussy to masturbate the head of my cock gets really sensitive and I have to stop thrusting as I come, but usally with the toy I'm not using a condom. I really wanted to fuck this girl and come while pumping but was afraid I'd have to stop or even withdraw. But I kept pumping and feeling and hoping as the tension rose and I could feel the orgasm coming. She wasn't as active now so I think she came but wasn't sure. The pressure built up and I pumped and pumped and came inside her (with condom on) and was able to thrust while coming and it felt terrific. I slowed a bit because I didn't want the condom to break or leak, and I sat there a few seconds inside her with the after-jerks of my orgasm slowing down and enjoying the warmth and sudden silence. I wanted to sit like that for a while, but I think you need to grab the condom and pull out in case your dick goes soft inside her and starts leaking jizz. So I grabbed the condom at the base of my cock and pulled out.
Okay, I did feel a bit triumphant at that moment. I was happy that I came, and I was thrilled that I went so long before coming. I think we fucked and sucked for an hour or more before I came, but it wasn't constant stimulation of course. Still, at that moment I felt like I could pleasure any woman. I'm sure we said something to each other but don't remember what. We both got up and got another drink of water, and I laid on the bed feeling very mellow and relaxed and not really wanting to move or do anything; it wasn't being tired from the physical activity or sleepy, but just a very mellow and relaxed feeling where I just wanted to lie there and space out and feel good. I was hoping to fuck her again, but at the time I couldn't imagine being able to get it up again before our time was up. She came out from the restroom and we talked a bit more, and it was now 9:30pm. She started getting dressed, and I thought it was a bit odd since she arrived at 8pm, but I was too happy, mellow, grateful and incapable of fucking to make an issue of it. I got dressed, too and helped her with her zipper. As we talked she got the money and made her way to the door. We hugged two or three times while talking, thanking and saying goodbye and she left.
I thought it a bit odd that she left after 90 minutes when I paid her for two hours, especially since many guys had posted that the Canadian women, and this one in particular, didn't "watch the clock" when servicing and frequently stayed a little longer. But then I realized the original appointment was for 7pm and I was the late one, so another point of view might say that she stayed 30 minutes extra, and it was a Friday night, and she was probably trying to make another appointment. So no hard feelings on my part.
After: Virgin No More
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[For Sale]Mostly Jazz, but some other genres too. 10% off Discogs price.

I bought 400 jazz albums a few weeks back, and have some listed here. Still have to narrow them more, so will be adding on a regular basis as I work through them. I ended up with a lot of duplicates - those are listed, and others I'm debating to keep/sell... I do need to make some room. Hoping someone else likes jazz around here.
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Ahmad Jamal The Piano Scene Of Ahmad Jamal $2.69 G+ G+
Ahmad Jamal Portfolio Of Ahmad Jamal $3.59 G+ G
Ahmad Jamal The Roar Of The Greasepaint - The Smell Of The Crowd $8.09 NM or M- VG+
Ahmad Jamal Trio Jamal At The Pershing Vol. 2 $3.59 VG+ Generic
Al Di Meola Land Of The Midnight Sun $2.69 VG+ VG+
Al Di Meola Casino $2.69 VG+ VG
Al Di Meola Cielo E Terra $4.49 NM or M- VG+
Al Hibbler Starring Al Hibbler $1.79 G G
Al Hibbler Al Hibbler Remembers $2.24 G+ VG+
Al Jolson In Songs He Made Famous $2.69 VG VG
Alan Swain Orchestra Encore Jazz Dance Session $6.29 VG+ VG
Albert Lee Speechless $3.59 VG+ VG
Alphonse Mouzon The Sky Is The Limit $2.69 VG+ VG+
André Kostelanetz And His Orchestra Bolero / William Tell - Overture $2.69 VG VG
André Kostelanetz And His Orchestra The Music Of Chopin $4.49 VG+ VG
Andrés Segovia My Favorite Spanish Encores $3.59 VG+ G+
Andy Narell Slow Motion $4.49 NM or M- VG+
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp I Advance Masked $3.59 VG+ VG
Antonio Carlos Jobim Stone Flower $19.79 VG+ VG+
Antonio Carlos Jobim Wave $20.69 VG+ VG
Antonio Vivaldi - Kammerorchester Des Saarländischen Rundfunks, Saarbrücken Conducted By Karl Ristenpart 5 Concerti For Diverse Instruments $2.69 NM or M- NM or M-
Arnie Lawrence You're Gonna Hear From Me $4.49 VG VG+
Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers Drum Suite $6.29 G+ VG
Art Tatum Solo Piano $2.69 VG+ VG+
Art Tatum Here's Art Tatum $2.69 VG G+
Art Tatum Works Of Art $5.39 VG+ VG+
Art Van Damme Septet: The New Sound Of Art Van Damme $5.39 VG+ VG+
Arthur Fiedler • The Boston Pops Orchestra Fabulous Broadway $2.69 VG+ VG+
Arthur Fiedler And The Boston Pops Orchestra Pops Varieties $8.99 NM or M- VG+
Arthur Prysock Unforgettable $2.24 VG+ VG+
Arthur Prysock Art & Soul $8.99 NM or M- VG+
Arthur Whittemore, Jack Lowe Twentieth Century Music For Two Pianos $2.69 G+ VG
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra Moonglow $1.79 VG+ VG
Astrud Gilberto Look To The Rainbow $9.89 NM or M- NM or M-
B.B. King In London $2.69 G+ Not Graded
B.B. King Friends $3.59 G+ VG
B.B. King Completely Well $8.99 G+ VG
B.J. Thomas Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head $3.59 NM or M- VG+
B.J. Thomas Young And In Love $5.39 NM or M- NM or M-
Banda Taurina ¡Bullring! Music Of The Bull Fight Ring, La Fiesta Brava, Vol. 4 $1.79 VG+ VG
Bar-Kays Flying High On Your Love $2.69 G+ G+
Barry Galbraith Guitar Comping $6.29 NM or M- NM or M-
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Benny Goodman Trios (& One Duet) $4.94 NM or M- NM or M-
Benny Goodman An Album Of Swing Classics $8.99 VG+ VG
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Bill Reinhardt Where Were You Last Night? "At Jazz Ltd. Of Course" $5.39 VG VG+
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Blood, Sweat And Tears Child Is Father To The Man $1.79 VG VG
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Bobby McFerrin The Voice $1.79 VG+ VG+
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Bud Powell Blue Note Café Paris, 1961 $6.29 VG+ VG+
Bud Powell Swingin' With Bud $8.99 VG VG
Buddy Miles We Got To Live Together $3.14 VG VG
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Buddy Spicher Me And My Heroes $1.79 G+ VG+
Bunny Berigan His Trumpet & His Orchestra Volume 1 $2.69 NM or M- VG+
Cal Tjader Warm Wave $3.59 VG+ G+
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Eddie Harris Instant Death $5.39 VG+ VG+
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Freddie Hubbard First Light $6.29 G+ NM or M-
Gabor Szabo Nightflight $4.04 VG VG+
Garland Jeffreys Escape Artist $1.79 VG+ Not Graded
Gary Burton & Steve Swallow Hotel Hello $5.39 NM or M- VG+
Gary Burton Quartet Gary Burton Quartet In Concert $1.79 G+ VG+
Gary McFarland Soft Samba $4.49 VG+ VG
Gene Ammons Boss Soul! $4.04 G+ Not Graded
Gene Ammons Brother Jug! $5.39 VG VG
Gene Ammons Free Again $7.19 VG+ VG
Gene Ammons Angel Eyes $8.99 VG+ VG+
Gene Ammons' All Stars The Happy Blues $7.19 G+ G+
Gene Bertoncini Evolution! $4.49 VG+ VG+
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George Benson Breezin' $1.34 VG VG+
George Benson Breezin' $1.79 VG+ VG+
George Benson Good King Bad $1.79 VG G
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George Gershwin, Fritz Reiner, The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Porgy And Bess. A Symphonic Picture $9.89 VG VG+
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Gerry Mulligan Paris Concert $3.59 VG+ VG+
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Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson Midnight Band: The First Minute Of A New Day $8.99 VG+ VG+
Glen Campbell By The Time I Get To Phoenix $2.69 VG+ VG+
Goldie Hawkins, Wayne Sanders Goldie's Two Pianos $4.49 G+ G+
Grady Martin And The Slew Foot Five Hot Time Tonight $3.14 G+ VG
Grady Tate Feeling Life $2.69 VG VG+
Graham Jackson (3) In Concert At Pittypat's Porch In Atlanta, Georgia $13.49 VG+ VG
Gregory Isaacs Mr. Isaaccs $12.59 VG+ VG+
Grover Washington, Jr. Mister Magic $3.59 VG VG
Grover Washington, Jr. Mister Magic $4.49 VG+ VG
Guy Van Duser Got The World On A String $3.59 M M
Hank Garland Velvet Guitar $11.69 VG+ NM or M-
Hank Jones The Talented Touch $3.59 VG VG
Harry James And His Orchestra Mr. Trumpet (Harry James Salutes The Great Trumpet Men Of Our Times) $3.59 VG+ VG+
Harry Reser & His Orchestra Vamp! (Dance The Charleston Of The Roaring Twenties) $7.19 VG+ VG
Harvie Swartz Urban Earth $5.39 VG+ VG+
Heads Hands & Feet Old Soldiers Never Die $5.39 VG+ VG
Heads Hands & Feet Tracks $7.19 VG+ VG
Hector Delfosse Left Bank of Paris $3.14 G+ VG
Henry Butler Fivin' Around $6.29 NM or M- VG+
Henry Mancini Breakfast At Tiffany's (Music From The Motion Picture Score) $4.49 VG+ VG+
Herb Ellis In Session With Herb Ellis $4.04 VG+ VG
Herbie Mann Live At The Whisky A Go Go $1.34 G+ G+
Herbie Mann Glory Of Love $1.79 VG VG
Herbie Mann Do The Bossa Nova $2.24 G+ VG
Herbie Mann Hold On, I'm Comin' $2.69 VG+ VG
Herbie Mann New Mann At Newport $2.69 VG VG
Herbie Mann New Mann At Newport $3.59 VG+ VG+
Herbie Mann Standing Ovation At Newport $3.59 VG+ VG+
Herbie Mann Push Push $3.59 G+ VG+
Herbie Mann Herbie Mann At The Village Gate $4.94 NM or M- VG+
Herbie Mann Memphis Two-Step $7.19 NM or M- VG+
Hot Lips Page After Hours In Harlem $4.49 VG VG
Houston Person Sweet Buns & Barbeque $3.59 G+ Generic
Huey Lewis & The News Sports $4.49 VG+ VG+
Hugo Montenegro Montenegro In Italy $2.69 VG+ NM or M-
Hugo Montenegro Love Theme From The Godfather $5.39 VG+ VG+
Idris Muhammad Black Rhythm Revolution! $22.49 G+ G+
Illinois Jacquet Banned In Boston $3.59 VG+ NM or M-
Irene Reid The World Needs What I Need $4.49 VG+ VG+
Irving Wolfe, Beatrice Krone, Margaret Fullerton The Development Of Jazz $8.99 VG VG
Jack Ellison A Parker Record $8.99 VG+ VG+
Jack Teagarden The Golden Horn Of Jack Teagarden $4.49 VG+ VG+
Jackie Davis Easy Does It $5.39 VG VG
Jackie Gleason Music For Lovers Only $3.58 VG+ VG+
Jackie McLean Tippin' The Scales $7.19 VG VG
James Blood Ulmer America - Do You Remember The Love? $5.39 VG+ VG
Jamey Aebersold All "Bird" $1.79 VG+ VG
Jay Azzolina Never Too Late $1.79 NM or M- VG+
Jazz At The Philharmonic Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic Vol.3 $31.49 VG+ G+
Jeff Beck Blow By Blow $1.79 VG VG
Jerry Reed Sweet Love Feelings $5.39 M M
Jesse Crawford In A Monastery Garden $8.99 VG G+
Jester Hairston A Profile of Negro Life in Song $3.59 VG G+
Jim Beebe's Chicago Jazz Jim Beebe's Chicago Jazz Saturday Night Function $4.49 VG+ VG+
Jim Collier (3) Trumpet Pickin' $8.99 M M
Jimmie Lunceford And His Orchestra 1940 $1.79 VG+ VG+
Jimmy McGriff Countdown $3.59 VG+ NM or M-
Jimmy McGriff Blues For Mister Jimmy $3.59 G+ VG
Jimmy McGriff A Thing To Come By $3.59 G+ VG+
Jimmy McGriff Let's Stay Together $4.49 G+ VG
Jimmy McGriff Let's Stay Together $4.94 G+ VG+
Jimmy McGriff A Thing To Come By $5.38 VG VG
Jimmy McGriff A Bag Full Of Soul $7.19 VG+ VG
Jimmy McGriff & Richard "Groove" Holmes Giants Of The Organ Come Together $3.59 VG VG+
Jimmy McGriff Organ And Blues Band Honey $3.59 VG VG+
Jimmy McGriff Organ And Blues Band Step 1 $3.59 G+ VG
Jimmy McPartland and Jimmy McPartland's Hot Jazz Stars / Dizzy Gillespie and Dizzy Gillespie's Cool Jazz Stars Hot Vs. Cool (A Battle Of Jazz) $5.39 VG VG
Jimmy Ponder Down Here On The Ground $1.79 G G+
Jimmy Scott Little Jimmy Scott $7.19 VG+ VG+
Jimmy Smith Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? $1.79 G+ VG
Jimmy Smith Respect $2.69 VG VG+
Jimmy Smith Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf? $3.14 VG VG+
Jimmy Smith Respect $3.59 VG VG
Jimmy Smith Monster $3.59 VG VG
Jimmy Smith Respect $4.04 VG+ G+
Jimmy Smith Any Number Can Win $4.49 VG+ VG+
Jimmy Smith Bashin' - The Unpredictable Jimmy Smith $4.49 VG VG+
Jimmy Smith Peter & The Wolf $4.49 VG VG
Jimmy Smith Got My Mojo Workin' $4.49 VG VG+
Jimmy Smith Bashin' - The Unpredictable Jimmy Smith $5.39 VG+ VG+
Jimmy Smith Got My Mojo Workin' $5.39 VG VG+
Jimmy Smith 24 Karat Hits $5.39 NM or M- VG+
Jimmy Smith Sit On It! $7.19 VG+ G+
Jimmy Smith & Wes Montgomery Jimmy & Wes - The Dynamic Duo $SOLD G+ VG
Jimmy Smith Featuring Kenny Burrell And Grady Tate Organ Grinder Swing $2.69 VG VG+
Jimmy Smith Featuring Kenny Burrell And Grady Tate Organ Grinder Swing $2.69 G+ VG+
Jimmy Smith Trio Jimmy Smith Plays The Standards $1.34 G G+
Jimmy Smith Trio Live At The Village Gate $3.14 VG VG+
Jimmy Witherspoon & Gerry Mulligan Jimmy Witherspoon & Gerry Mulligan $5.39 VG+ VG+
Jimmy Witherspoon, Gerry Mulligan, Ben Webster With Mel Lewis, Leroy Vinnegar, Jimmy Rowles At The Renaissance $13.49 VG G
Joe Venuti's Blue Four The Joe Venuti Blue Four $4.49 VG+ NM or M-
John Coltrane The Best Of John Coltrane $3.59 G+ VG
John Fogerty Centerfield $1.79 VG NM or M-
John Wood (12) / Tony Dumas Inner Merge $4.49 VG+ G+
Johnny Eaton And His Princetonians College Jazz: Modern $6.29 VG+ VG
Johnny Guitar Watson A Real Mother For Ya $1.79 VG G+
Johnny Hodges A Tribute To Johnny Hodges $8.99 VG+ VG
Johnny Smith Moods $6.29 G+ VG
Johnny Smith Reminiscing $8.09 VG+ VG
Johnny Smith And Stan Getz Moonlight In Vermont $7.19 VG+ VG+
Johnny Smith Quintet Jazz At NBC $4.49 G+ G
Johnny Smith Quintet Featuring Stan Getz Moonlight In Vermont $17.09 VG+ VG+
Johnny Smith Trio Easy Listening $1.79 G+ G+
Johnny Smith Trio Designed For You $3.14 VG VG+
Jonah Jones Muted Jazz $1.79 VG VG
Jonah Jones Muted Jazz $2.69 VG+ VG
Jonathan Butler Introducing Jonathan Butler $1.79 VG+ NM or M-
Ken Moule Cool Moule $26.99 VG+ VG
Kenny Burrell Both Feet On The Ground $3.59 VG VG+
Kenny Burrell A Generation Ago Today $5.39 VG VG
Kenny Burrell Tin Tin Deo $6.29 VG VG
Kenny Burrell / Jimmy Smith Blue Bash $1.79 G G+
King Pleasure Golden Days $3.14 G+ VG+
Kingston Trio New Frontier $1.79 VG VG
Kingston Trio Tom Dooley $2.69 VG+ VG+
Kool & The Gang The Force $3.59 VG VG
Larry Coryell The Lion And The Ram $5.39 VG G+
Latin All Stars (2) Jazz Heat Bongo Beat $5.39 VG VG+
Lena Horne & Gabor Szabo Lena & Gabor $3.59 VG VG+
Les & Larry Elgart Warm And Sensuous $5.39 VG+ VG+
Les McCann Talk To The People $1.79 F VG
Les Paul & Mary Ford Time To Dream $1.79 VG G+
Lester Young / Charlie Parker / Dizzy Gillespie Early Modern: 1946 Concert Recordings $4.49 VG+ VG+
Lily Pons Popular Concert $7.19 VG+ VG+
Linda Ronstadt & Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra What's New $1.79 NM or M- NM or M-
Linda Ronstadt With Nelson Riddle And His Orchestra For Sentimental Reasons $2.69 NM or M- NM or M-
Lionel Hampton Soft Vibes Soaring Strings $2.69 VG G+
Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra Lionel Hampton Apollo Hall Concert 1954 $1.79 VG+ VG+
Los Indios Tabajaras The Best Of $2.69 VG+ VG
Los Indios Tabajaras The Many-Splendored Guitars Of Los Indios Tabajaras $3.14 VG+ VG+
Los Indios Tabajaras Plays Classic $35.99 VG+ VG+
Lou Donaldson A Different Scene $2.24 VG VG+
Louis Armstrong At The Carnegie Hall $3.59 VG+ VG+
Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Favorites Volume 4 $5.39 VG+ VG+
Louis Armstrong In The 30's - In The 40's $5.39 NM or M- VG+
Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong's Hello, Dolly! $16.19 NM or M- NM or M-
Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven Louis Armstrong Story - Volume 2 $6.29 VG+ VG+
Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars Ambassador Satch $4.41 VG+ VG
Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars Satchmo At Symphony Hall Vol. 1 $4.49 VG VG
Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars Satchmo At Symphony Hall $6.29 VG+ VG+
Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars Satch Plays Fats: A Tribute To The Immortal Fats Waller By Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars $8.99 VG+ VG+
Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars Satchmo At Symphony Hall Vol.2 $11.69 VG+ VG+
Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra A Rare Batch Of Satch $5.39 VG+ VG
Louis Armstrong With Luis Russell And His Orchestra And Jack Purvis And His Orchestra Satchmo Style $3.59 NM or M- VG+
Louis Armstrong With Russell Garcia I've Got The World On A String $6.29 VG+ VG+
Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Jack Teagarden, Bud Freeman, Al Casey, George Wettling Pops $3.59 VG+ VG+
Louis Lesther Deshabille Moi $2.24 VG+ VG+
Ludwig Van Beethoven : Josef Krips, The London Symphony Orchestra Complete Nine Symphonies $13.49 NM or M- VG+
Madonna You Can Dance $3.14 VG VG+
Martial Solal Trio The Martial Solal Trio In Concert $11.69 VG+ VG+
Martin Denny Exotica $5.39 VG VG
Max Roach / Art Blakey Percussion Discussion $6.29 VG+ VG
Max Steiner Gone With The Wind (Original Soundtrack Album) $4.49 VG+ VG+
Maynard Ferguson Around The Horn With Maynard Ferguson $2.24 VG G+
Michel Legrand The Happy Ending (Original Motion Picture Score) $2.69 NM or M- VG+
Michel Legrand Et Son Orchestre I Love Paris $5.39 VG+ VG+
Miles Davis Porgy And Bess $4.49 G+ G+
Miles Davis Quiet Nights $6.74 G+ VG
Miles Davis Sketches Of Spain $SOLD VG+ VG+
Miles Davis Seven Steps To Heaven $12.14 VG+ NM or M-
Miles Davis Kind Of Blue $89.99 G G+
Milt Buckner Mighty High $3.59 VG VG
Milt Jackson The Art Of Milt Jackson - The Atlantic Years $4.49 VG+ G+
Milt Jackson Quintet Featuring Ray Brown That's The Way It Is $1.79 G VG
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels Take A Ride... $31.49 VG+ NM or M-
Mongo Santamaria All Strung Out $3.59 VG VG
Mongo Santamaria Mongo '70 $3.59 G+ VG+
Mongo Santamaria El Pussy Cat $5.39 VG VG+
Morton Gould Hi-Fi Band Concert $17.99 M VG+
Morton Gould And His Orchestra Morton Gould Program $3.59 VG+ VG+
Music Minus One For Drummers Only! $7.19 VG+ VG+
Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley $8.99 VG+ VG+
Nancy Wilson / The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley $1.79 G+ VG
Nancy Wilson / The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Nancy Wilson / Cannonball Adderley $2.69 G+ G+
Nat King Cole & George Shearing Nat King Cole Sings / George Shearing Plays $1.79 VG+ VG
Nathan Page Page 1 $89.99 VG+ VG+
No Artist Bird Songs In Your Garden $3.58 VG+ VG
Norman Luboff Choir And The Melachrino Strings Love Letters $3.59 VG+ VG
Off Broadway usa Quick Turns $2.69 NM or M- VG+
Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson Plays For Lovers $2.69 VG VG+
Oscar Peterson Oscar Peterson Plays For Lovers $3.14 VG+ VG+
Oscar Peterson Great Connection $3.59 VG+ No Cover
Oscar Peterson The Jazz Soul Of Oscar Peterson $3.59 G+ VG
Oscar Peterson The Great Oscar Peterson On Prestige $6.29 VG+ VG+
Oscar Peterson Something Warm $6.29 VG+ VG+
Oscar Peterson The Great Oscar Peterson On Prestige $7.19 NM or M- VG+
Oscar Peterson & Dizzy Gillespie Oscar Peterson & Dizzy Gillespie $4.49 VG+ VG
Otis Redding And Little Joe Curtis Here Comes Some Soul From Otis Redding And Little Joe Curtis $6.29 VG VG+
Paquito D'Rivera Why Not! $4.49 NM or M- VG+
Parliament Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome $11.69 VG VG+
Pat Martino Live! $7.19 VG F
Pat Metheny Group First Circle $5.39 NM or M- VG+
Paul Desmond From The Hot Afternoon $7.19 VG+ VG+
Paul Shaffer Coast To Coast $5.39 NM or M- NM or M-
Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra Featuring Bing Crosby Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra Featuring Bing Crosby $3.14 VG+ VG+
Pearl Bailey Around The World With Me $4.49 VG+ VG+
Pete Seeger Birds Beasts Bugs And Bigger Fishes $5.39 VG VG+
Petula Clark These Are My Songs $1.79 VG+ VG+
Phil Collins No Jacket Required $1.79 VG VG
Phil Collins Hello, I Must Be Going! $2.69 VG+ VG
Phineas Newborn Jr. A World Of Piano ! $12.59 VG G+
Phineas Newborn Jr. With Dennis Farnon And His Orchestra While My Lady Sleeps $3.59 VG VG
Procol Harum Live - In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra $1.34 VG VG
Procol Harum Live - In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra $1.79 VG VG+
Procol Harum Live - In Concert With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestra $2.69 VG+ VG+
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky / The Boston Pops Orchestra Tchaikovsky The Nutcracker, Op. 71 (Excerpts) $6.29 VG+ VG
Quarterflash Quarterflash $1.79 VG+ VG
Queen Samantha The Letter $2.69 M VG+
Rafael Mendez Magnificent Mendez $4.49 G+ VG
Ramsey Lewis Wade In The Water $1.34 G+ VG+
Ramsey Lewis Maiden Voyage $1.79 G VG
Ramsey Lewis Goin' Latin $4.49 VG+ VG+
Ray Charles A Portrait Of Ray $3.59 NM or M- Not Graded
Ray Charles And The George Brown Orchestra Spotlight On Ray Charles Vol. II $1.79 G+ G+
Ray Conniff The Ray Conniff Love Album $11.69 NM or M- VG+
Redd Foxx The Best Of Redd Foxx $1.79 VG VG+
Redd Foxx Foxx-A-Delic $3.59 VG G+
Richard "Groove" Holmes Welcome Home $5.39 VG VG
Richard M. Sherman & Robert B. Sherman Chitty Chitty Bang Bang $4.49 VG+ VG+
Richard Osborn (2) Endless $8.99 VG+ VG+
Richard Strauss, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Horn Concerto In E Flat Major Op 11 - Clarinet Concerto In A Major K 622 $8.99 VG VG
Robin Trower Bridge Of Sighs $4.49 VG+ VG
Rodgers & Hammerstein Oklahoma! $2.69 VG+ NM or M-
Rosemary Clooney / José Ferrer Rosemary Clooney Sings (Let's Give) A Christmas Present To Santa Claus / Jose Ferrer Sings March Of The Christmas Toys $8.99 VG G+
Roy Clark The Roy Clark Guitar Spectacular! $3.14 VG VG+
Roy Milton Roots of Rock Vol. 1 $8.99 G+ G+
Rubin Mitchell Presenting Rubin Mitchell $1.34 VG VG+
Rush All The World's A Stage $5.84 VG VG
Ruth Brown The Real Ruth Brown $3.59 G+ VG
Sarah Vaughan With Voices $2.69 VG VG+
Scott Joplin - Joshua Rifkin Piano Rags, Volume II $3.59 VG+ VG+
Scott Joplin, Joshua Rifkin Piano Rags $1.79 VG+ VG+
Seawind Light The Light $3.59 VG+ VG
Sheena Easton Madness, Money And Music $1.79 NM or M- VG+
Sheena Easton Madness, Money And Music $1.79 NM or M- VG+
Shirley Scott On A Clear Day $5.39 VG VG+
Shirley Scott Trio For Members Only $6.29 VG VG
Shirley Scott Trio Great Scott!! $7.19 VG VG+
Shirley Scott With Stanley Turrentine The Best Of Shirley Scott / For Beautiful People $4.49 VG+ VG+
Shorty Rogers And His Giants Shorty Rogers And His Giants $13.49 VG VG
Sidney Bechet Guest Artist Lionel Hampton Sidney Bechet $1.79 VG+ VG+
Sneaky Pete Kleinow Sneaky Pete $5.39 VG+ VG+
Sonny Boy Williamson (2) & The Animals The Night Time Is The Right Time $5.39 VG VG
Sonny Stitt Come Hither $3.14 G+ Not Graded
Stan Getz Stan Getz Blues $1.79 VG VG+
Stan Getz / Charlie Byrd Jazz Samba $7.19 VG VG
Stan Getz / Charlie Byrd Jazz Samba $17.99 VG+ VG+
Stan Getz Quintet / The Charlie Parker Quintet The Saxes Of Stan Getz And Charlie Parker $6.29 VG VG
Stan Kenton Encores $1.34 G G
Stan Kenton And His Orchestra Artistry In Bossa Nova $1.34 VG VG
Stanley Clarke I Wanna Play For You $1.79 VG F
Stanley Turrentine Stanley Turrentine $1.79 VG VG+
Steve Marcus Sometime Other Than Now $3.59 VG+ VG+
Steve Smith (5), Vital Information Vital Information $1.79 VG+ VG
Steve White (22) Jazz Mad: The Unpredictable Steve White $8.09 VG VG+
Stevie Wonder Songs In The Key Of Life $26.99 VG+ VG+
Sting The Dream Of The Blue Turtles $4.49 VG+ VG+
Sting The Dream Of The Blue Turtles $5.39 VG+ VG+
Stomu Yamash'ta / Steve Winwood / Michael Shrieve Go $2.69 VG+ VG+
Stomu Yamashta's Go Go Too $4.49 NM or M- VG+
T. Lavitz Storytime $3.59 VG+ VG+
Tal Farlow Tal Farlow '78 $3.59 VG+ VG+
Ten Years After Ssssh. $3.14 VG G+
The Band Rock Of Ages: The Band In Concert $4.49 VG VG
The Band The Best Of The Band $8.09 VG+ NM or M-
The Beach Boys Concert $3.59 VG+ VG+
The Beach Boys Wild Honey $25.19 NM or M- VG+
The Beatles Let It Be $8.09 G+ VG
The Bluegrass Band Another Saturday Night $2.69 VG VG
The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers (Original Soundtrack Recording) $4.49 VG VG
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Walk Tall $4.49 VG+ VG
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet The Best Of Cannonball Adderley $4.49 VG+ VG
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Country Preacher $5.39 VG VG
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet The Best Of Cannonball Adderley $5.39 NM or M- VG+
The Cannonball Adderley Quintet Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! - Live At "The Club" $8.09 VG VG+
The Charlie Barnet Quartet Jazz Oasis $1.79 G+ G+
The Charlie Rouse Band Cinnamon Flower $3.59 VG+ VG+
The Crusaders Old Socks, New Shoes...New Socks, Old Shoes $3.59 VG G+
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Jazz Impressions Of Eurasia $2.69 G+ G
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Jazz Impressions Of The U.S.A. $11.69 VG+ VG+
The Don Elliott Quintet The Don Elliott Quintet $8.99 VG VG
The Fents The Other Side $2.69 VG+ VG+
The Fireballs The Fireballs $8.09 G+ VG
The Fleetwoods The Fleetwoods Greatest Hits $6.29 NM or M- NM or M-
The Four Freshmen The Best Of The Four Freshmen $4.49 VG+ VG+
The French Market Jazz Band Direct From New Orleans $5.39 VG VG+
The George Benson Quartet It's Uptown $17.99 NM or M- NM or M-
The George Russell Sextet George Russell Sextet In K.C. $13.49 VG+ VG+
The George Russell Sextet Featuring Don Ellis & Eric Dolphy 1 2 3 4 5 6extet $17.99 VG+ VG+
The George Shearing Quintet San Francisco Scene $6.29 M M
The George Shearing Quintet With Nancy Wilson The Swingin's Mutual $2.69 G+ G+
The Howard Roberts Quartet This Is Howard Roberts Color Him Funky $4.49 VG VG
The Howard Roberts Quartet All-Time Greatest Instrumental Hits $5.39 VG+ VG
The Ink Spots Vol. 1 $2.69 G VG
The Invaders (41) The Invaders Steel Band $17.99 VG+ VG+
The Jeff Lorber Fusion Galaxian $3.59 VG VG+
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland $17.99 NM or M- NM or M-
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland $17.99 NM or M- NM or M-
The Jonah Jones Quartet Jonah Jones At The Embers $1.34 VG VG+
The Jonah Jones Quartet Jonah Jones At The Embers $1.34 VG VG+
The Jonah Jones Quartet Jumpin' With Jonah $1.79 G+ G+
The Jonah Jones Quartet Jonah Jones At The Embers $2.69 VG+ VG+
The Jonah Jones Quartet Jumpin' With Jonah $3.59 VG VG+
The Nat King Cole Trio Original Vocal And Instrumental Recordings Of The Easy Listenin' Favorites $3.59 VG VG
The Nat King Cole Trio With Lester Young & Red Callender $11.69 VG+ VG
The O'Neal Twins The Lord Is My Shepherd $4.49 G VG+
The Oscar Peterson Trio Affinity $6.29 VG+ VG+
The Ramsey Lewis Trio More Sounds Of Christmas $2.24 G+ VG+
The Ramsey Lewis Trio An Hour With The Ramsey Lewis Trio $2.24 G+ G+
The Ramsey Lewis Trio The In Crowd $2.69 G+ VG
The Ramsey Lewis Trio The In Crowd $3.14 VG VG+
The Ramsey Lewis Trio The In Crowd $4.49 G+ VG+
The Ramsey Lewis Trio Down To Earth (Music From The Soil) $5.39 VG+ VG+
The Ramsey Lewis Trio The In Crowd $5.39 VG VG+
The Ramsey Lewis Trio Down To Earth (The Ramsey Lewis Trio Plays Music From The Soil) $6.29 VG+ VG+
The Regimental Band Of The Windsor Guards Brass Band Bash $3.14 VG+ VG+
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Columbia Symphony Orchestra, Sir Thomas Beecham, Franz von Suppé, Johann Strauss Jr., Amilcare Ponchielli, Otto Nicolai Von Suppé: Morning, Noon And Night In Vienna - Overture, Strauss: Morning Papers Waltz, Ponchielli: Dance Of The Hours (From "La Gioconda"), Nicolas: The Merry Wives Of Windsor - Overture $3.59 VG G+
The Salsoul Orchestra Salsoul Orchestra $4.49 VG+ VG
The Searchers This Is Us $3.59 VG VG+
The Sérgio Mendes Trio In The Brazilian Bag $2.69 VG+ VG+
The Stylistics Let's Put It All Together $4.04 VG+ VG+
The Ventures Go With The Ventures $1.79 G+ VG+
The Ventures Hawaii Five-O $1.79 G+ NM or M-
The Vogues Till $1.79 VG+ NM or M-
The Wes Montgomery Trio Round Midnight $2.69 G VG
Til Tuesday Voices Carry $3.59 VG VG+
Tim Berne Sanctified Dreams $5.39 NM or M- VG+
Tito Portillo And His Orchestra A Night In Latin America $4.04 VG VG+
Tom Scott Blow It Out $3.59 VG+ VG+
Tony Scott (2) Featuring: Bill Evans / Scott LaFaro / Paul Motian Sung Heroes $26.99 NM or M- VG+
Toots Thielemans Time Out For Toots $8.99 G+ VG+
Tower Of Power Ain't Nothin' Stoppin' Us Now $2.24 VG VG
Tower Of Power Urban Renewal $4.48 VG G+
Tyree Glenn Try A Little Tenderness $2.24 NM or M- VG+
Various More Of The 50s Greatest Love Songs And Golden Hits To Remember $1.79 VG+ VG
Various More Of The Fabulous 50s $1.79 VG+ VG
Various The Sound Of Jazz $2.69 VG VG+
Various Hi-Fi Jazz Session $3.14 VG+ VG+
Various Lullabies Of Birdland $3.59 VG+ VG
Various Newport In New York '72 (The Jimmy Smith Jam) Volume 5 $3.59 VG+ VG
Various The Sound Of Music (An Original Soundtrack Recording) $3.59 VG+ VG+
Various Dixieland Jazz $3.59 VG+ VG+
Various Newport In New York '72 (The Jimmy Smith Jam) Volume 5 $4.04 VG+ VG+
Various Newport In New York '72 (The Jimmy Smith Jam) Volume 5 $4.04 VG+ VG+
Various Milestone Twofers $4.49 VG+ VG
Various The Jazz Makers $5.39 VG+ VG+
Various The Best Of Old Time Radio $6.29 VG+ Not Graded
Various Today Is Bargain Day - A Collection Of All Star High Fidelity Recordings $6.29 VG+ VG+
Various Great Original Hits Of The '50s And '60s $8.09 VG+ VG+
Various In The Groove (The Masters Of Swing Play Their Greatest Music) $8.09 NM or M- VG
Various Those Wonderful Stars Of Yesteryear $10.79 VG+ VG+
Various Get Off II $13.49 VG+ VG
Various Death Row - Greatest Hits $26.99 M M
Various Murder Was The Case (The Soundtrack) $44.99 VG+ VG+
Wes Montgomery Road Song $SOLD G+ VG
Wes Montgomery March 6, 1925-June 15, 1968 $SOLD VG VG+
Wes Montgomery The Best Of Wes Montgomery $2.69 VG+ VG
Wes Montgomery A Day In The Life $SOLD VG+ G
Wes Montgomery Tequila $SOLD VG VG
Wes Montgomery The Best Of Wes Montgomery $SOLD NM or M- VG+
Wes Montgomery A Day In The Life $3.59 G+ VG
Wes Montgomery A Day In The Life $SOLD VG+ VG+
Wes Montgomery California Dreaming $SOLD VG G
Wes Montgomery The History Of Wes Montgomery $SOLD VG+ VG
Wes Montgomery This Is Wes Montgomery $SOLD VG+ VG
Wild Bill Davison Pretty Wild $3.14 VG+ VG
Wild Bill Davison And His Commodores That's A Plenty $3.14 VG+ VG+
Willie Ruff The Smooth Side of Ruff $13.49 VG+ VG+
Willis Jackson The Way We Were $1.34 VG VG
Willis Jackson Soul Night - Live! $1.34 G VG
Willis Jackson Grease 'N' Gravy $7.19 G+ VG
Willis Jackson Keep On A Blowin' $13.49 VG VG
Willis Jackson Blue Gator $13.49 VG VG+
Willis Jackson With Brother Jack McDuff Together Again! $2.69 G+ VG+
Willis Jackson With Brother Jack McDuff Together Again! $3.59 G+ VG
Willis Jackson With Brother Jack McDuff Together Again! $3.59 G+ VG+
Wingy Manone The Wildest Horn In Town $1.79 VG+ VG
Wladimir Selinsky And His String Ensemble Dinner Music $2.69 VG VG
Woody Herman And The Swingin' Herd The Jazz Swinger $3.59 NM or M- VG+
Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra Cugat Cavalcade $3.59 VG+ VG+
Yma Sumac Legend Of The Sun Virgin $3.58 G+ G+
Yma Sumac, Moises Vivanco Inca Taqui $2.68 G+ VG
Z.Z. Hill Bluesmaster $3.59 VG VG+
Zoot Sims And Jimmy Rowles Warm Tenor $6.29 VG F
Zoot Sims Plus Joe Pass Blues For 2 $3.59 VG VG
ZZ Top El Loco $5.39 VG+ VG​
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The Price is Right  3/10/08, pt. 4 - YouTube Caesars Windsor Jet Tub Room The Price is Right  3/04/08, pt. 4 - YouTube WMS - Clue! Nice wins from Caesars Windsor! The Price is Right  3/04/08, pt. 2 - YouTube The Price is Right  3/10/08, pt. 3 - YouTube Dave spins the wheel at TPIR live Technical Mishap - Race Game - The Price is Right (Carey ... Caesars Windsor Teaser Commercial

Windsor, ON – The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor will play host to The Price is Right Live™ with three stage shows on Friday, February 15 th at 8 pm and Saturday, February 16 th at 2 pm and 8 pm. The Price Is Right Live™ is the hit interactive stage show that gives eligible individuals the chance to "Come On Down" and play classic games from television's longest running and most popular ... Price Is Right Casino Windsor, pool live tour slot hilesi programsiz, betsafe poker no deposit bonus, colorado gambling forum. New Casinos Visit SHOW MORE Royal Ace Casino Visit casino -What is the difference between a regular table game and a live table game? South Africa 100%. CasinoEuro. Bonus. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. Bonus Codes; Free Spins; Reload Bonus-Betway. 200% up to £ ... The Price Is Right Live Tickets The Price Is Right has long been one of America's favorite game shows. The enthusiasm the contestants have as they "Come on down!" is catching. Watching them have so much fun, it's easy to want to be on the show too. For years, the only way to see The Price is Right was in the studio as it taped. Usually, these ... The Price is Right Live is coming to the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor for four days between June 27th and 30th 2012. The Price is Right will have shows each night at 8pm, and a special matinee show at 3pm on Thursday, June 28th. Welcome to a Windsor casino player’s payout paradise with the most exciting slot machine games available today. You'll find all your favourite slots, plus progressives and video poker in a wide range of denominations. Our slot machines feature exclusive Total Touch technology, enabling you to order your favorite cocktail right from your machine with just the touch of a button. Total Touch ... Caesars Windsor says it will only open slot machines to 50 guests at a time. Those guests will be members that the casino has invited back via email. Price Is Right Casino Windsor, coiffeur geant casino des caillols, roulette wwe, square slot diffuser. 200%. Start Playing on Royal Ace Casino read review. Visit Casino T&C's Apply. Casino review . 100% up to £100 + 10 free spins. Thu Apr 02 2020. wpsabato. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. 100% match bonus up to £50. Free Spins. 449. 3. OK. VIP REWARDS. Wager. United Kingdom. Jackpot ... We traveled to Calgary to attend 2 shows at the Gray Eagle Resort and Casino. Even though the Price is Right show said it was a random draw for those who were picked to go up on the stage, we noticed that about 99% of those picked came in about 15 mins before they started, so it didn't pay to be early as the Price is Right site said too. The people who were doing the picking obviously didn't ... Windsor Casino Price Is Right 10x wagering on free spin winnings. Free Spins are valid only on Starburst and expire in 7 days. Excludes deposits made via Skrill, Entropay and Neteller. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. Wager. 18+, T&C Apply,, New Customers Only. Prize pool: 100% up to €200. Percentage . Gday Casino - Welcome Bonus 100%. For requests and support. Full review go to casino ... The Price is Right Live is coming to Caesars Windsor with three stage shows on Friday, February 15th at 8 pm and Saturday, February 16th at 2pm and 8pm. The Price Is Right Live is the hit interactive stage show that gives eligible individuals the chance to “Come On Down” and play classic games from television’s longest running and most popular game show.

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The Price is Right 3/10/08, pt. 4 - YouTube

From March 4, 2008: The fifth and sixth pricing games. Join me for a nice winning stretch on WMS Gaming's Clue slot machine played at Caesars Windsor. ... Casino - Duration: 13:10. AKAFUJI SLOT 77,227 views. 13:10. WMS - The Price Is Right! Any Number ... A pre-opening TV spot for Caesars Windsor. 1967 Shelby GT500 Barn Find and Appraisal That Buyer Uses To Pay Widow - Price Revealed - Duration: 22:15. Jerry Heasley Recommended for you Price is Right technical mishap. In this pricing game, Race Game, there was a mechanical problem when you pull the lever, it displayed incorrectly. See what ... This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Feb 27, 2016 . A premium jet tub room at Caesars Windsor in the Forum Tower. ... From March 10, 2008: The first Showcase Showdown and the fourth and fifth pricing games. Star lord spins the big wheel from The Price Is Right at Stan Lee's comic con - Duration: 0:40. Con Guy 8,506 views From March 10, 2008: The sixth pricing game and the second Showcase Showdown. From March 4, 2008: The second and third pricing games.