Clams Casino's Studio Setup? Any tips on producing the ...

Clams Casino's Studio Setup? Any tips on producing the same sound?

Hey guys! I'm 16 years old and relatively new to producing, I was just curious as to what Clams Casino uses to get his distinct mesmerizing sounds. I've heard a multitude of different answers. I'm however just interested in the equipment specifically. I'd like to know what he uses. I plan on buying a Maschine and Razer Edge laptop soon and I was curious if I should change my investments.
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Does anyone have video of Flume hanging out in studio with Clams Casino?

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[PA] Studio Headphones

Hello. So, I'm looking to buy some cans. As I have never had good audio before, I would be very thankful for some guidance.
-Purpose: Studio (producing, mixing, mastering), music listening.
-Type of music: Electronic (whitearmor, m83, daft punk, hualun, burial, clams casino, lcd soundsytem, kasst), rswave (ripsquad, bladee, bloodz boi), classical (kalinnikov, moncayo) examples (1 2 3 4 5)
-Head size: Massive (64 cm circumference)
-Ear size: Fairly small
-Budget: 200 USD but preferably more around 150
-DAC/AMP: none yet (looking for recommendations too)
The first headphones I ever had were some thirty dollar corsair gaming headphones that sucked and broke very quickly. After that, I bought myself some Arctis 5, and I was blown away by how much I liked them. After two years, however, the pads are completely destroyed, and the cable gets very finnicky with sound and mic quality. The inline knob is so inconvenient it hurts.
I could replace the cables and the pads, but reading about the Arctis 5 online (mostly bad things) makes me want to upgrade to a nicer set of headphones that I can use for producing. I was ecstatic when I first listened to the Arctis 5, so Im hoping that listening to a true studio/audiophile headphone for the first time will be thrilling. A little anecdote is that when I was a senior in high school, I had a girl I really liked over and we were hanging out in my room. I decided to show her the Arctis because I was really proud of them and she was pretty unimpressed so I guess it would be cool to have a pair of headphones that girls ask about or are impressed by (not too important though hahaha).
I don't game and I have a separate mic, so gaming features and microphones are irrelevant to me. I also have earbuds, so these would be just to stay at my PC, I would probably not take them anywhere else. Since I am so alien to the sound world, all the head-fi threads and rtings reviews mean pretty much nothing to me, which is why I'm asking for advice. The sound signature that I am looking for is whatever helps me listen to the song (whitearmor - annika) the best in terms of how spacious and distinctive each element feels, I guess wide, and separate from each other are the qualities I'm looking for. Burial style percussion and his soundscapes are also things that I would like to hear well (although without emphasizing the percs). Sub bass would be nice, and I really don't like sibilance at all.
I have looked at the DT 770 PROs, Audio-Technica M40x and M50x and the AKG K371. I've picked up that the M40x are comparable to the M50x but 50 dollars cheaper, so I would rather get the M40x. However, from what I have read, the 770s seem like a much better headphone in general and for what I want it to be, so they are my top option, although I'm a little bit weary because of people writing about harsh highs. To be honest, I do not know what to make of the K371. I have considered going open back with the DT 880 PROS, DT 990 PROS, Philips Fidelio X2HR and the Audio Technica AD700x, however, a few years ago they built an elevated highway right next to my house at window level, which means that even though I sound isolated the room with my PC, theres always some noise in the background (most of the time though, its barely noticeable with the windows and door shut (but this basically creates an oven). One specific question though, would it be a better idea to buy a more budget option like the Philips SHP9500, Superlux HD681 or the M40x, alongside a DAC and/or AMP (I plan on getting a DAC/AMP setup in the future anyway though)?
Another question I have is regarding the DT non detachable cables. How big of a deal is that really?
Thank you for reading this text wall.
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[DISCUSSION] A$AP Rocky - AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP (5 years later)

Five years ago on May 26, 2015, A$AP Rocky released his second studio album, AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP. The album was produced executively by Danger Mouse & A$AP Yams and contained features from the likes of ScHoolboy Q, Mos Def, Kanye West, Bones, Joe Fox (who appears on five different tracks), Future, M.I.A., Lil Wayne, and UGK among others.
Throughout AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP., Rocky packs sonic ideas and intricacies into each song that help bulild the backbone behind the project’s uniquely murky yet bold sound. The album is both sprawling and ambitious, touting songs with multiple parts (Jukebox Joints, Better Things) and multiple styles (clean and upbeat tracks like Holy Ghost and LPFJ2 as opposed to the more muddy and downtrodden Fine Whine and Dreams).
AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP sees Rocky expand upon facets from his first few projects with a more mature and contemplative lens. The hedonistic lyrics are still present, but along with them are reflections on how his status and lifestyle have changed his outlook and who he is as a person. Gone are the larger-than-life Clams Casino beats, but the overwhelming bass and submerged melodies remain for Rocky to effortlessly flow over remain.
Some points for discussion
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[OFFICIAL] Mac Miller Memorial Thread

This is the official memorial thread for Mac Miller
R.I.P Mac Miller, 1992 - 2018
UPDATE 9/12:
Mac Miller Vigil in BSP
Kendrick Lamar speak on Mac
Shane Powers says goodbye to Mac
Earl Sweatshirt - Mac spirit allowing me to fuck with my music rn and im THANKFUL

Wiz Khalifa - Praying for Mac’s family and that he rest easy 👼🏽 #pgh #412
Jaden Smith - "Long Live Mac Miller, Rest In Peace We Love You
Chance the Rapper - "I dont know what to say Mac Miller took me on my second tour ever. But beyond helping me launch my career he was one of the sweetest guys I ever knew. Great man. I loved him for real. Im completely broken. God bless him."
Soulja Boy - "RIP Mac Miller 🙏🏽"
Rex Orange County - "this is incredibly sad. mac miller was a great person and my friend rip :("
JPEGMAFIA - "RIP Mac Miller. I can’t believe this shit"
Q-Tip - "Damn.... @MacMiller we worked pn sum fire a while back he had tribe tatooed on his arm. Super sweet dude man. Comfolences to his fam 🙏🏽🙏🏽"
Shawn Mendes - "Unreal. So sad. RIP Mac Miller ❤️"
J. Cole - "Rest In Peace to the great soul Mac Miller"
YBN Nahmir - "I remember staying up late af & always hearing “Donald Trump” by @MacMiller on @MTV at like 5AM when I was younger. Sad to see a legend pass away."
Alison Wonderland - "RIP Mac Miller 😔
Skyzoo - "RIP to the homey @MacMiller. Super cool dude who was a good friend and a true hip hop head. Always showed wild love when we’d link. Smh."
Father - "RIP Mac man, what the fuck"
Domo Genesis - "My heart is broken af, that’s my fucking bro man."
Zack Fox - "we all felt supported and loved by Mac and that’s incredible, thank you for supporting me, thank you for the music, we was just roasting russ, I told you to go on a date with betty white to make everybody mad, enjoy your peace brother"
ZOMBIE Juice - "Dam Rip Mac Always showed us love"
Desus Nice - "Rip Mac Miller. Damn"
ICYTWAT - "man, i deadass smoked my first or second blunt to k.i.d.s at 12 lmao hiding in my backyard playing that shit off my zune mp3 :-( rip Mac."
AKTHESAVIOR - "Rip to the young legend Mac miller thanks for all the love you showed us man can’t believe this shit. Our generation needs to open up there eyes and see there’s only one ending result to drug abuse and there’s no coming back. I love all of you. Tired of loosing our leaders to drugs."
Mick Jenkins - "peace be on his closest friends and loved Mac"
Pusha T - "😔🙏🏿 #RIP @MacMiller"
Joey Fatts - "@MacMiller RIP Bro, was just by the old crib yesterday. You will be missed."
Logic - "Mac I Love You! You were a huge inspiration on my come up. Thank you for the countless hours of fun listening to your music with my homies! This has me so fucked up! You will be missed and always remembered #KIDS"
El-P - "oh man. rest in peace Mac Miller."
Bodega Bamz - "Wowowowowowowowowoowowow DAMN MAC"
Casey Veggies - "Rest Easy @MacMiller aka MAC Meezy. Can’t believe I’m typing this. This one hurt really like a brother to me. I’ll never forget you bro, You will live forever. 🙏🏽"
Post Malone - "God fucking dammit. You were such an incredible person. You changed so many lives. Had so much love in your heart. You inspired me throughout highschool, and I wouldn't be where I was today without you. Never a more kind and sincere and beautiful person. I fucking love you mac."
The Internet - "Love you brother. you gave so much to this world. Rest easy Malcolm."
Lupe Fiasco - "RIP Mac Miller Condolences to your family and friends. May God have mercy on your soul."
Future - "My guy MAC up bro 🙏🏿"
Rich Brian - "This is unbelievable. RIP Mac Miller, thank you for your beautiful work while you were here, this shit has got to stop happening."
Bun B - "I just talked to this kid like 3 weeks ago. This is so fucked up. Such a talented guy. Always had great energy. God bless you Mac. Rest In Peace."
Da$h - "Took this picture when I saw you a 2 weeks ago. I love you dawg. Can’t ever thank you enough for being you. See when I get there."/"MALCOLM IS SOME ONE I COULD NEVER THANK ENOUGH FOR BEING WHO HE WAS AND LOOKING OUT THE WAY HE DID. IM GOING TO MISS HIM EVERYDAY. Q, JIMMY, PEANUT SEND MY LOVE TO YALL NIGGAS. MACWORLD."
Joey Bada$$ - "Breaks my heart every time we lose one... I will forever appreciate you bro you supported me and gave me a shot from the very beginning. Because of you a 17 year old and his friends from Brooklyn got to play in front of 5000 after a day of school. That shit changed my life. I wish we got to hang out more and make more music.... Life is way too short appreciate everyone every moment. ❤️ R.I.P. MAC MILLER"
Aminé - "you always congratulated me on the little shit i did and made me feel great about my work. i can’t believe this right now. a true artist and true friend. you will be remembered as one of the greats. love you mac, rest easy."
A-Trak - "I'm really hurting. Mac always showed love. He was always supportive and genuinely curious. I can't believe it. We just spoke last weekend. I loved watching his growth, this guy could do anything he wanted musically. Please watch his NPR Tiny Desk concert it's so good. 💔💔💔💔 RIP"
Jonwayne - "Don't read the news. Read this. This is the man I knew."
Lil Xan - "I don’t wanna do this shit no more,rest in peace to my hero"
Snoop Dogg - "So sad u gone home young Mac I had to post this to smile and think about the good Time we had on the set of this movie man god bless ya family. Pittsburg we lost a real one today 🌟 @macmiller 🙏🏾"
Open Mike Eagle - "goddamn. rest in peace Mac Miller"
?uestlove - "Mac was one of the nicest, coolest dudes man. This is sad man."
Chevy Woods - "Wow bro ... Rest easy @MacMiller Damn cuz 😢
Solange - "Rest in your peace Mac Miller. Always exuded so much kindness and goodness. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us all."
Lil Dicky - "so sad. mac miller was a great dude. when i began my career he went out of his way to talk to me on the phone and give me advice. an amazing artist and human being"
Alessia Cara - "shocked & sad about Mac Miller. such a talented guy with so much life ahead. RIP."
Khalid - "this hurts my heart man RIP bro @MacMiller"
Swae Lee - "Woke up to some bullshit RIP Mac Miller"
Russ - "Damn Mac miller"
A$AP Ferg - "Rest in Paradise. You embraced me before I was I was signed. You brought a Belt I made back in the days and linked me with “Daily breads “ to do a collab with your friends brand. I hope you felt no pain in your transition! Love always. Very sad news"
MadeInTYO - "I love you brother .... you gave me good advice & you was my friend & you jumped on my album I miss you bro , I really doooo , this one is really never gonna feel the same. you told me to come over this week but I was in Paris .... I’m sorry ... I wish I was around more bro ... Malcolm I love you ! Pray for the world & Mac’s family !"
Bebe Rexha - "I am so deeply saddened to hear of the passing of @MacMiller. Sending love and light to all of his friends, family and fans."
Cher Lloyd - "I’m lost for words. This is such shocking news. We’ve lost another true talent. Rip Mac Miller"
Lil Yachty - "Rest In Peace Big Mac. Amazing Energy. solid & postive. So many things we was pose to do... one day we still will brother....Live on brother !!!!!!!"
Juicy J - "I’m so fucked up right now this is so sad I can’t believe it R.I.P. MAC MILLER"
John Mayer - "I’m so sad that you couldn’t stay, Mac. I’m so terribly sad."
Miguel - "Man, I don’t want this to be true. Mac was ALWAYS good energy. INSANELY talented and never got the credit he deserved. The utmost love for you Mac man. Sending my love and condolences to your mom, the sweetest ever, and your family and friends. Lightwaves on your journey my friend 🙏🏾🖤🖤🖤"
Ugly God - "Remember when Mac dropped his Album the same night Astroworld dropped and yall were saying “y’all hear sum?” “who still listens to him” & “tell him keep it”? We had a whole convo about it & he literally told me if he died people would act like they never said it. fuck yall. RIP."
Kid Cudi - "Really fucked up about Mac"
Peter Rosenberg - "No words for how much I loved this much on my mind ...and so many others...he was SUCH A PART of this hip hop world we all take part in...he was such a sweet person...and he was year by year becoming more and more of a complete musical genius....I could go on forever about why this hurts so many people so badly....but plain and simple...I love you bro...we all did..see you on the other side"
Westside Gunn - "FUUUUUUUUCK HOMIE!!!! Guess Now they’ll give u your Roses smh a true musician, we lost a GREAT 1 and you still have the Illest Shit Out 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 #RIPMACMILLER Fun Fact he heard me and Conway was the illest and invited us right over had a good time wit the Homie you’ll be missed"
Lucki - "Rest In Peace"
Chief Keef - "R.I.P my dude aka LFisherman BKa Mac Miller"
Curren$y - "Damn bruh u fucked errbody day up ... love u my young homie!"
Fashawn - "Rest easy Mac. 😢"
Chuck Inglish - "I love you Man. I always called to check on u. You were my lil brother... I wish I had a pass w god to give u another chance. I’m not ready for u to be gone bro.. I’m hurt."
Jay Electronica - "May Allah be pleased w Mac Miller. He was a brother and friend of mine. This news has saddened me."
Pouya - "how much more can we take"
Abra - "pure hearts don't die"
Evidence - "Fuck"
Kevin Abstract - "Fuck man"
J.I.D. - "fuck we just lost a full musical genius and a great person, sending prayers and love to his family.. tell someone you love them today"
Lil B - "Mac miller my brother I love you - Lil B"
Seth Rogen - "RIP Mac. I was texting with him one week ago about trying to be in his video, which was so nice and exciting because I was a fan of him as an artist and a person. This is surreal and terrible."
Joe Budden - "I’m really fucked up over Mac’s passing. Prayers to his family, loved ones and fans… Rest In Peace @MacMiller"
Tyler, the Creator - "rest easy macaroni"
Pharrell - "Can’t believe it was six years ago, we were working in Miami on Pink Slime. I just wanted to make the hardest records with you. And then I discovered you could sing too. And I kept telling you you could sing, but you didn’t want to hear it. And your latest project has all the singing... Very happy for you, but can’t believe that this is the moment I got to tell you that. Sending deepest condolences to your family. RIP Mac Miller."
Maxo Kream - "RIP bro we just met at a Cole concert and I wanted to get you on my next album. Fightin dese demons not easy tell my nicca Fredo I love em"
Christian Clancy - "i don’t know what to say. it’s not real yet. you were more alive recently than i’ve seen in awhile. i feel like u kept things away from me at times, which ud never admit, but the shift was palatable.. it felt real... the clarity and purpose in your voice about life and ur future... joking about how close ur abs were to a 6 pack (debatable)..... perfect? no. who is. but the demons weren’t steering and the smiles were genuine. maybe at least until u were alone. you were as selfless a human being as i’ve ever known. everyone else’s happiness came first. never rocked the boat. maybe u should of. but that wasn’t ur style. my favorite thing about you is how u treated chloe. that said everything. i think youth had that innocence you craved, free from all the heaviness inside you.. the heaviness that got you. it’s a lesson for those of us that cook our emotions on the inside. a lesson to those who still feel invincible. this is gonna take awhile. you were an incredible human with an incredible family and friends who were all excited about the path you were on. you were so proud of “swimming” - it was the album you wanted to make. u did that and it’s brilliant. i’m heartbroken. i’m angry. but i love you and im gonna feel instead of cook this time. i’m grateful to have known such a beautiful human being whose main goal in life outside of his art was to make everyone around him ok. love u, malcolm."
Nardwuar - "R.I.P. Mac Miller. Gone far too soon."
Clams Casino - "RIP Mac! There are a lot of special memories and good times I will have in my heart forever...thank you for all of those. Mac always stood out to me because he was a genuinely kind and down to earth person that would go out of his way to look out for people. I’m happy for the music we made together and thank you for impacting so many peoples lives."
MixedByAli - "Woke up sick thinking damn how could I have helped. Can’t believe this . Until we meet again my boy . I’m sorry"
Vince Staples - “I must’ve died and went to heaven...currently in shock it’ll hit me in a second. What’s your question? You need a blessing right? Or you just wondering what heavens like.” I’ll see you soon. Thank you for everything... for all of this. I love you.
Julia Kelly - "Today I gained the most beautiful angel. My heart is hurting. Shattered. Today I lost one of the most amazing humans that has ever entered my life. Malcolm McCormick, I would give anything to have you back. Our memories will never be erased. I am forever grateful for you. Thank you for your laughter and endless amounts of love. You brought me out of my shell and broke me free from my shyness. The most gentle soul. Your mind was like no other. Waking up next to you was a dream. Thank you for always making me feel at home. I’m going to miss your sweet forehead kisses and affection. I would give anything to talk to you one last time and express my love. I love you forever, Malcolm."
Asher Roth - "this one hurts"
The Weeknd - "Rest In Peace Mac Miller. It’s a sad day."
Tory Lanez - "R.I.P Mac wtf !!!!!! Too soon man too fucking soon !!!! This is unreal"
Rapsody - "I love you always, Mac! Forever the most dope. Thank you for helping to change my life. And so many in this culture. unreal."
Machine Gun Kelly - "Mac. this just fucked us all up. u were too rare...damn. from eating frozen chicken wings in my basement to ur voice speaking to a generation. u did it homie. wish this wasn’t even a conversation. @Innerviewq i love u and am here for u."
Ty Dolla $ign - "I don’t know if people get what these comments will do to a person . Y’all talk so much shit behind a fake account and never show your face . Rip my brother Mac life is too short . Tell someone u love them today . Please"
Rich the Kid - "Rip Mac Miller"
Carnage - Love you brother @MacMiller"
Loaded Lux - "👁♥️"
Charlamagne the God - "I had a lot of great conversations with this young man on and off air. All we did was clown each other. Even deep convos ended with a joke. Rest Easy To My Pal Mac."
Angela Yee - "Heartbroken to hear the news about Mac Miller. My condolences to his family and loved ones, and I feel blessed to have known him"
Diplo - "My first day on tour in Australia I saw Mac in the lobby .. he was having a small fling with one of my dancers and asked her to dye his hair pink before tour started.. and then he wrote this dope song called pink bathwater (one of thousand songs you probably will never hear) . He drank whiskey at major lazer after-party is til 4 am.. went back to festival at midday .. played piano like Mozart with the sun blazing down on him.. throw up on stage . Cry a bit, rap some more then pass out in the grass and text me a few hours like where we going next .. next five years I see this guy everywhere .. best people I could always count on.. we made a lot of music in my first studio in Burbank.. he kept getting better and better .. this dude lived so hard was so amazing and talented and still extremely missunderstood.. another video is me and @skrillex on New year's Eve at MSG and Mac just came out at midnight like he was he headliner in his Riddler suit. Fuck I couldn't stop laughing .. he was always there in the middle of the best moments .. and if there wasn't a vibe he created it and made the room brighter .. he radiated positivity, but there wasn't a balance.. the other side was he was deeply insecure and always found substitution for what was missing in his life .. For a second think about the people around you and make sure they are always aware of the love .. don't take a second forgranted. They might need you and you don't even notice it because your too busy .. always gonna love you Mac"
J. Cole in concert dedicating "Love Yourz" to Mac.
Watching Movies With The Sound Off Visual Album by Chadbraham.
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Album of the Year #20: Lil B - The Hunchback of BasedGod

(Note: This review exceeds Reddit’s 40,000 character limit for text posts so three additional comments are posted in this thread with the rest of the review. Sorting comments by “old” will bring them up for you in order.)


Welcome to Old BasedWorld
Hurried crowds, sparse synths and ringing cathedral bells in the streets of Old BasedWorld set the scene for our journey. High above the town in the Old BasedWorld Cathedral, a young man with a hunched back dreams of a brighter tomorrow.
Staring Out My Window
“The only way you could really feel this pain is from the BasedGod” – From this opening line along with the somber instrumental accompanying it Lil B makes it clear that this project will be different from the hyphy material he’d been releasing since Black Ken. The BasedGod’s stirring musical backdrop allows Brandon to reminisce on the times he spent as a troubled youth staring out the windows of Old BasedWorld’s Cathedral (as pictured on the album cover), dreaming of a normal life with the rest of the citizens across the bridge in San Francisco New BasedWorld.
The Many Sides of a Genius
Using a compilation of voicemails taken directly from Old BasedWorld’s only working phone, Lil B uses these messages to convey his own message. The people leaving these voicemails were clearly important people in Brandon’s life and, one could say, are some of the “sides of genius” that helped him develop into the man he is today. It continues the album’s narrative of a brilliant soul whose talent and ambition are unnoticed by the outside world, with only those who are closest to him recognizing the genius within.
Ain’t Gon Pick Up
One of the people leaving a voicemail on “The Many Sides of a Genius” mentioned how Lil B never picks up his phone, so it’s only appropriate that the next song has B discussing why he chooses not to answer the phone in Old BasedWorld’s Cathedral. It also ties back in to the theme of unrecognized talent, with Brandon stating in the chorus “I ain’t gon pick up, nobody gives a fuck so I don’t give a fuck”. References to stomach pains and Crohn’s disease further highlight how B is feeling “sick to [his] stomach” of being disrespected: by the end of the song, the listener fully understands why Lil B wouldn’t be interested in picking up his phone.
Hunchback of BasedGod
One of the album’s great conceptual triumphs. Lil B states from the jump that this song is meant to be a set of instructions for the Hunchback of BasedGod for his eventual descent from his perch back into the town of Old BasedWorld and beyond. It’s still unclear whether or not Lil B himself is the Hunchback, the BasedGod, the Hunchback of BasedGod, or none of the above: the abstractness allows the listener to form their own perceptions and create their own story. Again, there’s a continuation of themes from the previous songs, with further references to stomach pains and issues of self-worth and meaninglessness coming from Lil B: with so much pain in this world, is it even worth it for the Hunchback to enter society? By the end of the song, Brandon affirms that it is, stating, “Do it and don’t just watch/ Step in the game and have fun/ We all townspeople, we one/”. As such, the Hunchback leaves the cathedral, passing through the cobblestone streets of Old BasedWorld while hushed onlookers stare silently, as he ventures out towards New BasedWorld.
Berkeley San Francisco Its the BasedGod
This song is delivered from the perspective of the Hunchback, as revealed in the first line of the first verse: “I got the hunched back from all the depression”. Themes of struggle from the previous tracks reemerge, but you get the sense that the Hunchback is beginning to build up his self-esteem, boasting how he refuses to conform to the looks and expectations of the other townsfolk. He also seems to have gotten past the lack of recognition that was hindering him on “The Many Sides of a Genius” and “Ain’t Gon Pick Up”, as he proudly exclaims, “Who cares if I’m famous?” This gives the Hunchback the confidence to finally travel across the bridge he so often observed from his cathedral window. The townspeople are stunned: the Golden Gate BasedWorld Bridge had been badly damaged and decayed for decades, with no one daring to cross in the fears that it would collapse. But the Hunchback’s persistence leads him to make it across unscathed.
Outer Mission Music
With his feet firmly set in New BasedWorld, the Hunchback visits the colony of Outer Mission, a tight-knit community of New BasedWorld inhabitants who are unsure of how to react to their visitor. Lil B spends much of this track describing his interactions with the colony’s locals, which include Justin Timberlake, Alex Rodriguez, and Lionel Messi as tribe members. He also manages to make the situation surrounding the identities of his disparate personalities even more confusing, stating, “Lil B, I’ve seen him in public/ Is that the Hunchback of BasedGod, or is that the BasedGod? It’s BasedGod/” Will we ever know the difference?
Wake Up Get High Go Back to Sleep
In spite of a renewed sense of confidence brought upon by his decision to leave his old life behind, not all is perfect in the Hunchback’s mind. On this joint (pun intended) he harkens back to his days in the cathedral, where he would spend his mornings smoking heavy doses of marijuana in order to numb the pain of his seclusion, often to the point of losing consciousness. It’s also worth noting that the only weed that grows naturally in Old BasedWorld is mids, so the Hunchback would need to smoke a significant amount to achieve the desired effect.
Video Game That I Still Play
The irony in the title of this song is that the “video game” the BasedGod is referencing here is in fact a metaphor for his own life’s journey. As he so aptly states during the chorus: “My life is like a video game/ It’s been so weird, but I still play”. The fact of the matter is, Lil B could have chosen to rage quit this game of life long ago, but his perseverance has brought him to a new place of inner peace within the confines of New BasedWorld, even if the townsfolk are still unsure of how to respond to their new neighbor.
I Rather Die Then Go Home
At the end of the previous song, the Hunchback makes reference to an incident where he visited the Café Au Coquelet, a boutique restaurant in New BasedWorld. Upon his arrival, he received a similar reaction to those he used to receive in his homeland: “I go to restaurants, people stop smiling”. While some of the townspeople have begun to appreciate his presence, many of the other New BasedWorld residents still recognize his outsider status and continue to shun him as a result. This song is B’s response, with a firm affirmation that he would rather die than have to go back to the life of isolation he led in the Old BasedWorld Cathedral, where he wasn’t really living life to begin with. That said, the song’s mistitling of based comrade The-Dream’s original line of “I’d rather die than go home” as “I rather die then go home” leaves the Hunchback’s true intentions up for interpretation.
Crying in the Club
After finishing a five-course meal at the boutique, B ventures out to the party district of New BasedWorld, where he surprisingly gets admitted to one of the most exclusive night clubs in the land. As he observes the scene, the crushing reality of the differences between himself and the other clubgoers becomes apparent. A single tear is shed, followed by another, and another, until the BasedGod is in a state of full-blown emotional distress. In spite of his condition, he makes it known that he isn’t ashamed of wearing his heart on his sleeve, openly admitting in the chorus: “I don’t really care if I hurt myself, I don’t really care who sees”. This unyielding display of raw emotion brings the music and dancing to a halt. All eyes are now fixated on the strange being with the tear-stained T-shirt and the disfigured spine. He lets out a desperate plea: “I just want a hug…” To the surprise of the Hunchback, the residents of New BasedWorld collectively embrace him, looking past his outer deformities to recognize the beautiful soul that exists within. Historians would later acknowledge this moment as the primary catalyst for the BasedWorld Revolution™.


Voyage to Berkeley California
Meanwhile, down in the town of Old BasedWorld, the townsfolk slept restlessly, their dreams invaded by shadowy fake based figures digging away at their souls. Every day, people would wake and stare at the Old BasedWorld Cathedral. Why was the Hunchback not ringing the bells that had kept the evil spirits of the fake based realm out of their lives? It was then they realized that the Hunchback had crossed the sacred bridge and ventured to New BasedWorld. Frantic to reconcile with the gatekeeper they had long taken for granted, a group of the townspeople decide to bravely seek out the BasedGod in the hopes that he will return. However, they recognize that crossing the BasedWorld Bridge is something no mortal man is capable of doing and living to tell the tale. Using a secret map rumored to have been drawn up by Captain 66 himself, a group of citizens board a modest ship to cross the San Francisco BasedWorld Bay on a warm summer’s eve. Will they survive? Only time will tell.
Across the Sea
And here, ladies and gentlemen, we are presented with the greatest plot twist this side of the Fingerpoke of Doom: It turns out Lil B is not actually the Hunchback and/or the BasedGod after all.
Perhaps we should have known all along...
Indeed, unbeknownst to the townspeople (who themselves had just assumed all three entities were combined as one person), Lil B has remained in BasedWorld all along in disguise. About halfway into their journey across the Bay, Lil B’s resentment towards his shipmates and their longing for the Hunchback’s return gets the best of him, and the violent persona exhibited on tracks like “Murder Rate” and “Domestic Violence Case” overtakes Lil B’s natural pacifist tendencies. In a fit of rage, he attacks them, “knocking them off the boat” into the shark-infested waters and keeping all of the remaining LifeVests to himself. B himself recognizes the consequences of his actions, ending the song by saying, “This darkness… It’s scary.” Nonetheless, he refuses to be stopped in his mission to visit New BasedWorld and confront the Hunchback all on his own.
Where Is the Potion
Having arrived on the shores of New BasedWorld, Lil B ventures into town. Knowing that the only way to find the elusive Hunchback is through the townspeople who may have caught a glimpse of him, he travels to the aforementioned nightclub, with floors still drenched in the BasedGod’s tears from earlier, asking, “Where is the potion?” The response he’s given comes in the form of several bottles of liquor, which quickly dispel any notions of anxiety or self-doubt that may have stopped Lil B from completing his mission. A few of the club’s premium members willingly show him the spots around town where they had spotted the Hunchback, but any further clues of his whereabouts are hard to come by. Before they know it, they find themselves at one of the many riverbanks in New BasedWorld, where a celebration of the BasedGod’s glory is in full swing.
This instrumental is what Lil B and the clubgoers heard as they made their way to the bank of the river. Speaking with more of the natives, Lil B learns more of the Hunchback’s travels and experiences in New BasedWorld and begins to put the pieces together in his mind for where the BasedGod may be headed next.
Wolves and Snakes
As Lil B continues to plot his course, the BasedGod, who has just finished eating a salad on his way to the colony of Chaddick, senses a disturbance in the Based Force, feeling as though him and his hunched back may be in grave danger. He ponders on the wolves and the snakes that he was forced to deal with in his past life and reflects on the growth he’s experienced since leaving the dreaded, darkened halls of the Cathedral. In spite of this, he can’t help but shake the feeling that, like in the proverbial rear-view mirror, one of these wolves and/or snakes may be closer than they appear…
Meeting on UC Berkeley Campus Today
Undeterred, the Hunchback makes his way to UC Berkeley, New BasedWorld’s sole institution of higher learning. After giving a spirited 90 minute lecture on the power of positivity (modeled after previous lectures at such high class institutions as NYU,Carnegie Mellon and Princeton), the BasedGod is greeted by a mass of adoring students at the university. The male students beg for the BasedGod to fuck their bitches, and said bitches are more than willing to oblige. In a grand spectacle, the Hunchback has consensual sex with all 1,000 of the college’s female attendees while this instrumental blares out of speakers across the campus, being awarded with a trophy as a result of his success.
Artistic or Autistic
Elsewhere in New BasedWorld, Lil B attempts to strategize his next move. However, planning the escapade is made difficult thanks to B’s second most potent Internet distraction after his Twitter feed: Reddit. Going through a series of faked based comments on the hiphopheads subreddit, Lil B is particularly struck by a comment suggesting that he may in fact be suffering from the neurological disorder autism. The assertion is an eye-opening moment for him: after all, the elevated levels of lead found in Old BasedWorld’s drinking water had been a concern amongst the town’s scientists for years, and his own behaviors and thought patterns seemed to align relatively well with the common symptoms of the condition. After a brief moment of solemnity, Lil B realizes that his immaculate catalog of music has been made possible because of who he is, and if he is autistic, it is an essential component of his artistic output. This song is the result of this revelation.
Free 03
Our story continues as the BasedGod chooses to use his newfound fame and glory to give back to the New BasedWorld community. He begins volunteering at the New BasedWorld Penitentiary, espousing his worldview and giving advice to the inmates on how to make positive contributions to society after they have served their time. One particular inmate catches his eye: a fellow hip hop artist named 03 Greedo, who was arrested a few years earlier in a drug trafficking scheme. The Hunchback’s conversations with the young man have a profound impact on him, and in the weeks and months to come, Greedo becomes the model prisoner for other inmates to aspire to be, with intentions of joining the ministry upon his release. The BasedGod, proud of what he was able to accomplish, promises to dedicate a song on his new 50 song mixtape to Greedo.
Rhode Island
Rhode Island, officially the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States. It is the smallest U.S. state by area, the seventh least populous, but is also the second most densely populated. Rhode Island is bordered by Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the south via Rhode Island Sound and Block Island Sound. It also shares a small maritime border with New York. Providence is the state capital and most populous city in Rhode Island.
As Rhode Island is located on the opposite side of the continent from Old and New BasedWorld, it has nothing to do with this story other than this brief mention of its existence.
I’m Depressed Again
While the Hunchback is continuing to make great strides in improving the lives of the people in New BasedWorld, he continues to be fazed by an ever-growing sense of something troubling being on the horizon. A dark evil is emerging that he cannot foresee, and he worries that by the time he learns what this evil may be, it will be too late. This sends the BasedGod back into a spiraling depression, one not felt since the last day he had spent alone in the cathedral. He warns his closest confidants of the impending doom, saying, “Real talk… Feel it through your heart. Feel it through the spirit. You can feel it through the dark, cold as ever.”
Café Au Coquelet
At the same time as the Hunchback is experiencing this sense of dread, Lil B has made his way to Café Au Coquelet, one of the first spots in New BasedWorld that was graced by the power and the glory of the BasedGod. Lil B immediately detects the Hunchback’s prior presence in the vicinity: all of the restaurant’s guests are acting unusually positive and based towards one another, and the only dish that anyone has ordered over the past week has been the clams casino. Lil B also recognizes that the music playing in the background of the restaurant (the instrumental that is this song) was created by the BasedGod. Enraged, he stands up on the restaurant tables and begins to lambast the townsfolk for having fallen for the lies and deceit of a false prophet. He dictates a new philosophy, beginning by disposing of the food everybody has already ordered and teaching them how to cook for themselves. Before long, the entire restaurant is cooking to “Like a Martian”. A growing sect of New BasedWorld begins to emerge in objection to the Hunchback’s teachings, with Lil B and the swag movement as their new leader.
Downtown Berkeley Protest
Back in the colony of Berkeley, the BasedGod is gathering his followers together for a celebration of optimism and goodwill unto others. His new instrumental track plays as the Hunchback’s followers enjoy the festivities. It is at this moment that the BasedGod feels a searing pain encompass his entire being, and he recognizes that this is the moment he has been fearing for the past few weeks: the evil has arrived. A mass of residents from the other New BasedWorld colonies have descended upon the party with torches and handguns. Dressed in pink shirts, tiny pants and Vans sneakers, they march to the center of the crowd in unison, yelling nonsensical phrases such as “Figaro!” and “Martha Stewart!” as the frightened followers of the Hunchback look on. At the front of the mob is the leader, the enigmatic Lil B. He flashes a slight smile at the BasedGod, who stares directly back into the eyes of his former student. As the crowd of pretty residents begin to hurl insults and grievances towards the based residents, Lil B raises one hand, and the noise stops. Then, he begins to walk away. B’s worshipers follow him out of the city square in silent unison. Many of the Hunchback’s flock wonder if this is the end of the madness. However, the BasedGod knows deep down inside that this is just the beginning.


Bring the BasedGod and Lil B Gifts
This is a Cold War, and we know what each side is fighting for. The New BasedWorld citizens have been divided into an even split, with half of the townsfolk (now calling themselves the “Task Force”) following the ways of the Hunchback and the other half (now calling themselves the “Bitch Mob”) committing themselves to the teachings of Lil B. In a frantic attempt to prove the superiority of one leader over the other, the townspeople begin to bestow luxurious gifts and rewards upon their idols in an attempt to make one appear more grandiose than the other. Lil B relishes in his newfound fame, gladly accepting a plethora of PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 games from his fans, along with a fully registered copy of FL Studio to allow him to produce beats on the same level as the BasedGod. Meanwhile, on the other side of the village, the Hunchback seems uncomfortable embracing his new role as a worshipped deity. Having become accustomed to people ignoring him or being flat-out disgusted by his appearance, the adjustment to now becoming the leader of thousands of men is one that is not made easily.
Body Shaming
The opposing sides of New BasedWorld’s population quickly transition from honoring their respective leaders to creating smear campaigns against the opposition. One of the Bitch Mob’s most talented computer hackers manages to secure nude photographs of the Hunchback and distribute them online, highlighting the embarrassing weight gain that the BasedGod has endured over the past 5 years. The Hunchback is at first distraught upon hearing the news: “Why are they body shaming me? Why would they say all these mean things?” It is only when the BasedGod taps into his creamy center, where all the gooey happy-lovin' goo sits that allows him to be the nicest, most compassionate person he’s ever been, that he’s able to let the world know that he will not fall down so easy. He releases this song on his MySpace as a rebuttal, saying, “There's no reason to bully people and make fun of folks”. The Task Force immediately lauds the song as the perfect response to the scandal, while the Bitch Mob lashes out at the lack of trap drums and celebrity-based adlibs.
Stopped Talkin’ But I Still Rap
“So self-conscious, you feel me?”: Despite the approval of his comrades, the BasedGod is unable to shake the ever-persistent sense of self-hatred that is being exacerbated by the actions of the Bitch Mob. He feels his mind regressing to a prior state of fear and insecurity akin to that of his days spent in isolation in the Cathedral. Deep inside, the Hunchback finds himself in the midst of an existential crisis: how can one speak on the benefits of positivity and self-love when one does not truly love thyself? What would the consequences be of allowing this negativity to manifest itself in real time? Surely, an admission of hopelessness would spell defeat for the Task Force, allowing Lil B and his army of pretty townsfolk to rule the land for all eternity. But it would also be hypocritical for the BasedGod to continue to preach the Gospel of Based when his mind is not in a based state of being. In a move that would prove to be one of the most shocking of the Cold War, the Hunchback gathers his followers in the town square to announce that he will be taking an oath of silence until peace can be found between the two factions of New BasedWorld, capping off his decree with the debut of his ‘final’ song, “Stopped Talkin’ But I Still Rap”. The crowd gasps and devolves into hysteria, with thousands pleading for the Hunchback to reconsider, rightly worried over what would become of the based movement without the voice of its sole originator. But the BasedGod is persistent. He silently walks through the crowd, hugging each of his based brethren (and consensually face-fucking some of the females) before departing, possibly for good. Some time after midnight, he successfully crosses the Based Bridge and returns to Old BasedWorld, making his way back to the Cathedral without a single soul noticing his presence. He travels to the deepest, darkest depths of the Cathedral’s caverns, located miles beneath the Earth’s surface, where he begins an indefinite period of contemplation and meditation. This sequence of events would prove to be a milestone of the BasedWorld Revolution™, and would be forever immortalized in the cover art for the Where Did the Sun Go? mixtape.
It was a bad time for both Old and New BasedWorld. The Hunchback just stayed inside his Cathedral and he never came out. People said his brain was infected by fake based devils. The Task Force hurt the most of all: without their leader, they crumbled and succumbed to the will of the Bitch Mob. Lil B’s tyrannical rise to power was all but complete. In the months that followed, he would expand his territorial control, conquering the villages of Albany and East Oakland and even sending troops to claim regions of land as far away as Hawaii and Nepal.
Nearly a full year after the disappearance of the BasedGod, Lil B’s armies waged war on Old BasedWorld. The BasedWorld Bridge was destroyed, leaving Lil B and his followers (who controlled the naval fleets) as the only ones who had access to both sides of the territory. After taking most of its citizens hostage and establishing a new structure of government with Lil B at the helm, the Bitch Mob began to formulate its Ultimate Bitch Plan to capture the Hunchback. One night, they rushed the Old BasedWorld Cathedral, setting it ablaze and burning the once-iconic structure to the ground in the hopes of finding the charred body of the BasedGod buried underneath the rubble. When they failed to retrieve the body, the contingent of pretty boys and girls was ordered by Lil B to venture underground, as an ancient prophecy had foretold the Hunchback’s journey to the center of the Earth. Armed with assault rifles of all varieties, they began their descent into the depths of the caverns.
However, the deeper they traveled, the more they became disillusioned by their actions, and the actions of their once-beloved leader Lil B. They did not realize that the closer they got to the Hunchback, the more they were swayed by his righteousness and his way of being. Soon, they were no more than a few hundred yards from locating the BasedGod. It was at this moment that they had a great awakening, recognizing the error of their ways and freeing themselves from the spell that had been placed on them by Lil B. They abandoned their mission, instead choosing to return to the surface without the Hunchback. Lil B, furious at the group’s reluctance to complete their task, began to chastise his former followers, and prepared to issue one of his infamous curses upon them, one which would result in certain death. Having become completely overwhelmed with the guilt and the shame of their exploits as part of Lil B’s army (and also acknowledging the fact that none of them would ever win an NBA championship now without signing to Golden State), they instead turned the guns Lil B had given to them on themselves, committing mass suicide on top of the remains of the Old BasedWorld Cathedral. Thousands of Old BasedWorld onlookers stared in paralyzing shock as the sound of hundreds of guns discharged at once. What followed was several hours of silence, as Lil B, covered in the blood of his former troops, coldly stared at the mass of dead bodies, trying his best to process what had just taken place.


The Waterfront West Berkeley at Night
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Bay, most of the former Task Force members still remaining in New BasedWorld have all but accepted their fates, purchasing clothing that is too tight for them to wear comfortably and listening to the government-approved “Cooking Music” playlist on a constant loop. A small contingent of Hunchback loyalists remain, holding private meetings in the basement of the Café Au Coquelet and listening to the “Based Music” playlist in shrouded secrecy. Upon learning that Lil B and a commission of his troops had left to invade Old BasedWorld, the few remaining Task Force members felt it was safe enough to worship the Hunchback out in the open one last time. As most of the Bitch Mob members who had crossed the BasedWorld Bay with Lil B had come from the village of West Berkeley, the BasedGod’s loyal comrades choose the village’s Waterfront area as the gathering place for the ceremony. Unbeknownst to any of the group’s members, the mass suicides in Old BasedWorld were taking place at the exact same time as the celebration in New BasedWorld was commencing. The Task Force members rejoice, harmoniously singing the BasedGod’s favorite songs of worship: “B.O.R. (Birth of Rap)”, “The Age of Information” and “No Black Person Is Ugly” are belted out towards the heavens. Suddenly, the youngest of the Task Force’s members (who goes by the name of u/insabnma) feels a twinge underneath his bare feet. He looks down at the ground and notices that he has stepped on a golden USB drive, encrusted with diamonds and embroidered with the word “BASED” in all caps. The curious group of based boys and girls procure a laptop and, upon plugging the drive in, are amazed to find a .zip folder of 13 unreleased instrumentals credited as being produced by the BasedGod. Even more amazingly, the first song is entitled “The Waterfront West Berkeley at Night”: the exact place and time of day that they are performing their ritual. The Task Force members ecstatically listen to the new music, with several being driven to the point of involuntary orgasm. Throughout the night, word spreads throughout New BasedWorld of the drive’s existence, and suddenly, the followers of the Hunchback have a renewed sense of hope.
Games of Berkeley and Magic Cards
The next evening, thousands of Task Force members, old and new, join together in the town square of Berkeley, the last place that the Hunchback was seen alive. A Task Force party has commenced, with various games being played and the Based Music playlist blasting from the colony’s speakers. As it is nearing midnight, the townspeople are each given a magic life card, rumored to be the same life cards that were discussed in the BasedGod’s legendary philosophical diatribe [“Life on Earth”](). At the stroke of 12, the second of the BasedGod’s 13 secret instrumentals is played, as the crowd enthusiastically chants “Thank You BasedGod” along to the beat. The expectation is that the Hunchback will hear their prayer and reemerge by the end of the song. However, this was not to be the case: the instrumental ends, with the BasedGod nowhere to be found. For a moment, the Task Force is disheartened, wondering if the signs pointing to a return of the Hunchback were too good to be true. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a shooting star flies across the Berkeley sky, the brightest and most brilliant star that anyone in the colony has ever seen. It continues to arc across the northwestern skyline and appears to land in the village of Albany, a formerly based territory which has been overrun with members of the Bitch Mob. The Task Force is again filled with a renewed sense of hope at this discovery, as they courageously follow the signs that could lead them to the Hunchback’s holy ascension.
Walking Through Albany California
Upon arriving in Albany, the Task Force members notice a contingent of Bitch Mob members huddled around a large crater, approximately one mile in diameter. Evidently, this is where the shooting star had landed. One of the senior members of the tribe is examining the star, which, contrary to its once large and brilliant appearance, has been reduced to the size of a small rock. Several Bitch Mob members now make their way into the crater to examine the fallen star. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the once-dead star explodes into thousands of pieces, each piece shooting out towards the heads of a Bitch Mob member (though some less fortunate members wind up getting hit in the balls). When the star touches each member, it instantly uploads the third of the BasedGod’s secret instrumentals directly into their cerebral cortex. The Bitch Mob members are at first displeased at the lack of poorly mixed 808s and rattling hi-hats, but soon after, they begin to comprehend and enjoy the BasedGod’s alternative production style. Once the song has finished, they have all been converted into full-fledged comrades of the Task Force. The Berkeley delegation of Task Force welcomes their new brothers and sisters into the fold, and the group marches on to spread the word of the Hunchback’s return to the other villages.
The Sound of Being Bullied
While this is all occurring in the BasedWorld territories, something else entirely is beginning to unfold in the far away kingdom of Detroit, Michigan. Teejay Witherspoon, the Bitch Mob’s certified rarest hacker, leans back in his chair and slyly grins. His successful exploitation of the BasedGod a year ago has proven to be a major turning point in the young man’s life. His notoriety has allowed him to start a rap career of his own, with several music videos on YouTube having gone viral throughout the past 12 months. His loyalty to the Bitch Mob has been unquestioned, and he has since been promoted to a senior position within the fold. As he clicks his way through a darkweb laundering scheme one evening, he leaves to take a shit and, upon returning to his computer, notices that a mysterious golden USB drive has been plugged into the laptop. Only one file exists on the drive: an audio file entitled “The Sound of Being Bullied.flac”. Teejay curiously loads the file into VLC, and the instant the song begins, he is assaulted with a rush of crushing despair and depression. The title of the song spoke for itself. Teejay is experiencing the totality of the Hunchback’s negative emotions that had been fueled by his prior actions, but even more intensely, and as the emotions begin to amplify, he next notices that his physical being is being affected as well. His body is shaking uncontrollably, his skin is beginning to peel, his eyes are popping out of his skull. After four minutes and seven seconds of agonizing torture, his entire being bursts into flames, unable to handle the power of the BasedGod’s wrath. The song ends.
No Longer Afraid of the Dark
It’s dark. The air is still. The ground is hot. Water drips from the ceiling. The Hunchback, in a deep state of reflection, hasn’t moved a muscle for over 12 months. His shriveled body has been starved of nourishment and exercise, but fortunately, his weight gain has had the positive effect of having enough fat stored to keep him alive. The amount of based energy needed to have maintained this state of being has aged the BasedGod considerably. He has been devoid of almost any sense of perception for at least a few months. A faint glow radiates from his being. He has concentrated his powers to what was thought to be an unattainable degree of positivity. Before his extended withdrawal from society, the negative side of the force was something that the Hunchback struggled to put out of mind. At the level of based he now encompasses, the light of positivity is too grand for the BasedGod to fail. He is no longer afraid of the dark. And that’s because the dark no longer exists. The cavern has been filled with his based radiance. And the Hunchback is almost ready to return and spread this radiance throughout the land.
Nepal Wants the BasedGod
All across BasedWorld, shooting star sightings have been abound, and thousands upon thousands of Bitch Mob members have been converted to Task Force faithful. Even beyond the traditional confines of BasedWorld, rare star sightings have also been seen in the Bitch Mob’s disparate properties. A star lands in the Bitch Mob’s Nepalian expansion territory. After having its people cleansed with the power of the BasedGod’s sixth secret instrumental track, Nepal adopts a new constitution which entails all of its citizens to embrace the Hunchback’s teachings of optimism and self-love.
Taxi Around Town
The streets of Old BasedWorld have been in dire need of repair ever since the Bitch Mob ransacked the colony, but that doesn’t stop Travis, one of the land’s only remaining horse-drawn taxi drivers, from making a buck. One evening, he picks up a mysterious hooded figure in one of the town’s more dangerous districts. The man enters the carriage, greeting the driver with two words: “Hello, Travis.” The driver says nothing. The horses begin their trek through the streets, passing by a row of burning buildings. Travis breaks his silence. “It’s lit,” he says. “The buildings, that is. There’s only a few Bitch Mob members left at this point but they always blow these things up.” The figure feels more comfortable speaking to the driver: “I hear you got the nomination”. It dawns on Travis that this person must be almost exactly one year behind the times: has he ever even heard of Cardi B? Regardless, he plays along. “Straight up. Won’t be long now.” The figure smiles, quipping, “Well, I hope you win.” He then proceeds to remove his hood. Travis looks back and momentarily gasps. His composure returns soon thereafter. Unsure of how to proceed, he attempts to continue the conversation. “I… I read about you in the papers… How are you?” Knowing he’s referring to the suicides, the figure replies, “Oh, it’s nothing new, I got over that.” They sit in silence for the remainder of the ride. Soon, the horses come upon their destination, the edge of the BasedWorld Bay. The figure gets out of the car. Turning to Travis, he asks, “How much was it?” Travis is nearly speechless. He lets out one final Auto-Tuned “So long………..LA FLAME!” and the horses gallop off.
Berkeley California Before Lil B
A massive cleaning project has commenced throughout Berkeley. The townspeople have nearly all been converted to followers of the BasedGod by this point, and in a unanimous vote, the colony’s leaders choose to rid Berkeley of any and all trace of Lil B and his formerly effective propaganda. Murals are whitewashed, statues are torn down, and portraits are removed from public spaces as the eighth of the BasedGod’s 13 secret instrumentals is played on a loop. The many books proclaiming Lil B’s omnipotence are collectively burned to ash in the town square. Even saying the name “Lil B” is punishable by fine of up to $30,000, equivalent to the amount of money Lil B had charged for features (in contrast to the Hunchback’s extremely generous $0.01 minimum fee for a verse). The townspeople are once again a tight-knit unit of based human beings living their best lives. It was just like Berkeley California before Lil B.
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AJ Tracey Discography Mega Thread

Edit: This is a work in progress. I will add links and complete it at some point.


AJ Tracey (Deluxe)

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: October 25, 2019
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Plan B Cadenza 3:16
2. Jackpot Maaly Raw 3:00
3. Rina Nyge 2:47
4. Wifey Riddim 3 Steel Banglez 2:52
5. Double C's Ceej 4:08
6. Country Star Kazza 3:24
7. Psych Out! Carlie Hanson & Rex Kudo 2:56
8. Butterflies (Remix) (ft. Popcaan) Nyge 3:44
9. Necklace (ft. Jay Critch) Wallis Lane & 1Mind 3:47
10. Prada Me Keith Varon & 1Mind 3:22
11. Ladbroke Grove Conducta 3:11
12. Doing It Swifta Beater 3:03
13. Nothing But Net (ft. Giggs) Nyge & ADP 3:08
14. Horror Flick Swifta Beater 2:50
15. Triple S Malik Ninety Five 2:43
16. Halloween (ft. Young Adz) Nyge 2:25
17. Migos M1OnTheBeat 3:38
18. Cat Pack Take a Daytrip 2:45
19. Floss (ft. MoStack and Not3s) AJ Tracey & TheElements 3:02
20. Zelda (ft. SahBabii and SAFE) CuBeatz & Maaly Raw 4:09

AJ Tracey

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: February 8, 2019
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Plan B Cadenza 3:16
2. Jackpot Maaly Raw 3:00
3. Rina Nyge 2:47
4. Wifey Riddim 3 Steel Banglez 2:52
5. Double C's Ceej 4:08
6. Country Star Kazza 3:24
7. Psych Out! Carlie Hanson & Rex Kudo 2:56
8. Butterflies (ft. Not3s) Nyge 3:44
9. Necklace (ft. Jay Critch) Wallis Lane & 1Mind 3:47
10. Prada Me Keith Varon & 1Mind 3:22
11. Ladbroke Grove Conducta 3:11
12. Doing It Swifta Beater 3:03
13. Nothing But Net (ft. Giggs) Nyge & ADP 3:08
14. Horror Flick Swifta Beater 2:50
15. Triple S Malik Ninety Five 2:43


Secure the Bag

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music
Release Date: October 6, 2017
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Blacked Out Sir Spyro 3:48
2. luvd u MISOGI 2:54
3. Quarterback (Secure the Bag!) Nyge & Keanu Beats 3:27
4. Tour Team (ft. 67) Nyge 3:46
5. Bird Call Nyge 3:14
6. Alakazam (ft. Jme & Denzel Curry) Nyge 3:38
7. Shisha Nyge 2:33
8. You Don't Know Me (ft. Craig David) Nyge 3:28

Lil Tracey

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music
Release Date: December 2, 2016
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. They Said (ft. Bonkaz) Faze Miyake & Mazza 3:03
2. Buster Cannon Tre Mission 3:44
3. Capri-Sun (ft. Chip) Baza 3:31
4. Pasta Nyge 3:40
5. Luke Cage Tre Mission 3:07
6. Hating on Gang (ft. Remy Banks) Alex Epton 4:04

The Rumble (Remixes)

Release Date:
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. The Rumble - Toddla T Remix (ft. MJ Cole & Toddla T) MJ Cole & Toddla T 2:59
2. The Rumble - DJ Hype & Annix Remix (ft. Annix, DJ Hype, & MJ Cole) Annix, DJ Hype, & MJ Cole 3:24
3. The Rumble - Scarface Riddim (ft. MJ Cole) MJ Cole 3:26

AJ's Stocking Filler

Stream: YouTube
Release Date: December 25, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Swerve n Skid Smasher 3:48
2. Wifey Riddim 2 Spooky Bizzle 3:18
3. Skepta Rebound X 2:49
4. Trapsuit Quietpvck & SVOnTheBeat 4:03
5. Selenki DaVinChe 3:56

Alex Moran

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: December 4, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Spirit Bomb Ezro 3:33
2. Nalia Zeph Ellis 4:08
3. Bare Girls (ft. Jammz) Jammz 3:42
4. Chalk (ft Merky ACE) Splurt Diablo 2:30
5. AAA (ft. Big Zuu & Saint P) Gamer 3:37

The Front

Stream: Spotify/Apple Music/SoundCloud
Release Date: June 12, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. The Lane Zeph Ellis 3:54
2. Italy Sir Pixalot 3:06
3. Wifey Riddim Maribor 3:28
4. Hood Antics Lolingo 2:35
5. Red Bull (ft. YGG) J Beatz 4:11
6. Champions League Drone 4:41


Left Back

Stream: SoundCloud (Re-up)
Release Date: December 9, 2015
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Eski Shells (ft. Mic Ty) Wiley 3:46
2. Doughnuts & Ice Cream Lolingo 2:54
3. Cranked (ft. D7) 3:40
4. Animal Abuse (ft. Jay Amo) 3:00
5. Hot Nigga Jahlil Beats 2:18
6. Trapsuit Quietpvck & SVOnTheBeat 4:03
7. Had Nothing ToonzInTheLab 3:38

No More Looney

Stream: SoundCloud (Re-up)
Release Date: August 30, 2014
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. Intro 1:36
2. Be With You (ft. Santi) 4:24
3. Clarity 3:44
4. Medusa 2:28
5. What Am I Supposed To Do? 3:05
6. [Recognition (ft. Santi)]()
7. Chapter One 2:22
8. Miami Beach 1:49
9. Where I'm At 2:52
10. LMH Freestyle (ft. Big Zuu) LawaunMakesHits 3:47
11. Girl Problems 3:18
12. Light Up (ft. Jay Amo & Wax 2:41
13. Savage Disciple (ft. Ets & Jay Amo) 3:20
14. Zombie City (ft. Sketch) 4:36
15. Control Me (Remix) 3:20
16. Like That (Freestyle) 1:48
17. In, Out (ft. Big Zuu) 4:08
18. Kun Aguero 3:42
19. Premier League (Freestyle) 1:33
20. Skin Fade (ft. Big Zuu) 3:10
21. My Streets (Freestyle) 1:38
22. The Catch ToonzInTheLab 3:39
23. Dollar 8 Bar (ft. Ets, Jay Amo, & Sketch) 3:04
24. Staying Safe 3:36
25. Skipper (Freestyle) 2:24
26. 0 to 100 (ft. Big Zuu & YS) 4:26
27. Care Package (ft. Big Zuu) 3:52
28. [Pound Cake Recipe]()
29. Started (Freestyle) 3:10
30. Clap-a-Nigga (ft. Jay Amo) 4:04
31. Late Nights (ft. Big Zuu) LawaunMakesHits 3:44
32. Welcome Home DizzDisarster 2:42
33. Outro 0:57

Didn't Make the Cut

Stream: SoundCloud (Re-up)
Release Date: September 13, 2012
Track List:
Song Name Producer Length
1. 2008 2:22
2. Animal Freestyle (ft. Devstar) 2:50
3. BMF 2 (ft. Santi) Era 3:01
4. Looney Freestyle 5:10
5. Candy Man (ft. Muddles) Dego Brown 3:12
6. Catch 'em 16 1:10
7. Disturbed Freestyle (ft. Santi) Versechild 2:05
8. Donald Trump [BONUS] 1:18
9. Extraordinary [BONUS] 1:34
10. Gunpowder [Grime Freestyle] 1:31
11. One Day 1:38
12. All Star (ft. Devinkz, Jay Amo, Mark Ellison, Muddles & Shino B) 3:04
13. Remedy 3:00
14. Rose Clique [Remix] 2:30
15. Shook Ones Freestyle 2:55
16. Soka Freestyle 3:14
17. Speak to Em 2:58
18. Struggling (ft. Mark Ellison) 2:56
19. The Motto [Remix] 2:14
20. Young, Wild, and Free (ft. Santi) 3:29
21. Zen Flow 4:32


AJ Tracey & Mabel West Ten Dinner Guest (ft. MoStack) Rain (ft. Aitch & Tay Keith) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Kiss and Tell (ft. Skepta) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Elastic | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Ladbroke Grove (Remix) (ft. General Levy & Novelist) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Lo(v/s)er | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube 3AM (ft. Baauer & Jae Stephens) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Mimi | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube False 9 | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube LA4AWeek (ft. Swoosh and Sloan Evans) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube The Rumble (ft. M. J. Cole) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Leave Me Alone | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Nalia - Murlo Remix (ft. Murlo) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Thiago Silva (ft. Dave) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Packages | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube Spirit Bomb - Remix (ft. Cadell, Capo Lee, Central Cee, Dave, Drifter, Merky Ace, PK, Skits (UK), & Trims) | Spotify | iTunes | YouTube


Headie One ft AJ Tracey & Stormzy - Ain't It Different 2020 KSI Tides ft AJ Tracey & Trendsetter Nyge featuring AJ Tracey & Kranium We're Doin This Remtrex featuring AJ Tracey No Limits Big Zuu & D7 featuring AJ Tracey Leave Dat Trap Unknown T featuring AJ Tracey Choose Sides M.O featuring AJ Tracey Fashion Week Steel Banglez featuring AJ Tracey & MoStack Other Man D33J featuring AJ Tracey & Sloan Evans London's Calling GRM Daily featuring Skrapz, Avelino, Asco, Loski & AJ Tracey Have U Seen MISOGI featuring AJ Tracey Apologies Sloan Evans featuring AJ Tracey & Swoosh Popstar Nessly featuring AJ Tracey & blackbear "Clouded Skies" 2013 Big Zuu, Sketch, Riks, Jay Amo My Team Paid "It's Going Down" Santi N/A "Everybody" (Remix) Devinkz, Enkay, Big Zuu "Stormy Days" (Remix) 2014 Santi "Man Wanna Talk" 2015 Capo Lee, Big Zuu "Ride Out" Big Zuu, Marger Big Who? "Owe You Nothing" GHSTLY XXVII, Lyrical Strally, Big Zuu Recon "Opp Anthem" (Remix) Jay Amo, Big Zuu, PK, Capo Lee Ammi "Tekkk Freestyle" Sir Spyro, JLSXND7RS N/A "Hoe" AJ Tracey Complex presents #GrimeTimeWarp Vol. 1 "Slap Yourself" (Remix) GHSTLY XXVII, Jammz N/A "Bucktown" Kahn & Neek, P Money, Jammer, Rocks FOE, Saint P, Nico Lindsay FabricLive.83 "West London" Teeza, Mez, Kyeza, Snowy, J Dot "Kestra" DaVinChe, Jammz, Novelist, PK, Capo Lee "War" 2016 Wax N/A "Bowser" Filthy Gears, PK Filthy Features "10/10" (Remix) P Money, Blacks, Mez, Capo Lee, PK, SafOne, Coco, Jammz, Discarda N/A "Str8 Riddim" AJ Tracey Trapstar x Logan Sama Mixtape "Like That" Reeko Squeeze Str8 Authentic "All Four Walls" (Zdot Remix) Gorgon City, Vaults N/A "Leg Day" (Remix) Tinchy Stryder, Capo Lee, Frisco "Big n Serious" (Remix) Coco, Nadia Rose "Arrogant Stance (Eski Thug)" Darkness, YGG, Big Zuu, Darkos Strife, Kwam, Nico Lindsay, Elf Kid, Hilts, GHSTLY XXVII "London vs. Midlands Cypher" Eyez, Mez, Kamakaze, Dave, Jammz Red Bull Studios presents Mind the Gap "Ascend" Last Japan N/A "Don't Talk Like That" (Remix) YGG, Spitz, Jay Amo, Big Zuu, Mic Ty "Rudeboy" (Remix) Fusion, PK "AJ Tracey Intro" Mez, DaVinChe The M1 EP "Shoulda Known Better" Mez, DaVinChe, Harvey Oops" (Remix) Haile, Akelle Charles, Yung Fume, Tremz, Louis Rei N/A Thinking of You" (Cadenza Remix) Mabel Domme Jongens" (Remix) Mula B & Louis 23" Reekz MB, Youngs Teflon Right & Wrong Fighting" Maniac BrOTHERHOOD (Original Soundtrack) Be Somebody" (Remix) Clams Casino, ASAP Rocky, Lil B N/A Knotty Head" (UK Remix) Denzel Curry, Rick Ross My Ways" 2017 New Gen, J Warner New Gen Wild Goat"[41] Lancey Foux, Nyge, Kojey Radical, Jevon First Day at Nursery None of That"[42] Faze Miyake, Merky ACE N.O.T. – EP REDMERCEDES" (Remix)[43] Aminé, Missy Elliott Non-album remix Look What I Did"[44] Yung Fume Noughts & Crosses 3 Tell Man Twice"[45] Big Zuu Big Zuu – EP Bully"[46] Sloan Evans mia Don't Get Me Mad" (Remix)[47] Fusion, Big Zuu READY Somebody Like Me"[48] 2018 Craig David The Time Is Now A List"[49] D7, Big Zuu No Discussion - Smoke Dawg Trekked Like Me - Not3s


Sneakin Remix
Final Flash "Afternoon in Madrid" (Looney featuring Rico, Sketch and Jay Amo) - Slime City "Lord of the Hypes" (as Looney) - The Dungeon "Winter Freestyle" (as Looney) - The Dungeon "Skeng'd Out" (as Looney) - The Dungeon "Crud Tip (Bricks Freestyle)" (as Looney) - should be on didnt make the cut "Spring Freestyle" (as Looney) The Dungeon "Touch a Button" (as Looney) "MegaTron" (as Looney) "Banger" (as Looney) "Curry Chips Freestyle" (as Looney)



AJ Tracey - 4 Real (Prod. Working On Dying) AJ Tracey - NO Chucks (Prod. Working On Dying) Die For - AJ Tracey x Krept x i have no idea Octavian Lit (feat. AJ Tracey & Ramriddlz) Octavian Lit (feat. AJ Tracey & M.I.A)
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A third album ?

Someone have shared this on the Facebook group "FLUME's Space Cadets" :
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[For Sale] Making Space for Baby - Selling Sealed Indie Records - Mostly Colored, Limited/Exclusives, Signed, and Box Sets

Preparing for a baby early next year and the wife is making me sell a lot of my personal collection to make some space.
Long-time lurkecollector (as shaznay4508), first-time poster. Find my 100% positive feedback and other items for sale on Discogs as shaznay4508 and on eBay as musicsaves4508. Happy to get verified if that is possible. Items are all in-hand and ready to ship from North Carolina within 24 hours of payment.
Everything is factory sealed and in Mint/Near Mint condition unless stated otherwise; most are Limited Edition or Exclusive releases, and most will include download codes. I'm a bit manic about my records, so everything has been stored carefully in a smoke-free home. I want my records to make it to a good home in the same condition they left my home; so you can rest assured I will do my best to package all items securely and carefully. Some will be priced to sell and some may be priced higher, probably because I have a personal connection and would really prefer to keep it part of the hoard.
I am tired of eBay and Discogs fees and have been wanting to try posting here for once to see if I have traction or just get shamed. The stuff listed is only a small selection of my actual collection, so let me know if you have any questions/offers/trades (I have one copy of Endless, not for sale, but I would trade it for Black Friday Blonde). Keep in mind I have been subscribed to Vinyl Me Please and Third Man Vault for quite some time; if you know of any releases on your want list, make me an offer I can't refuse. If this goes well I can post more.
Shipping is $5 up to 5 discs (up to, every 5 LPs adds $5 more) (Media Mail to the US only; message me for international options). Prefer Paypal, but can accept Venmo, Cash App, and ChaseQuick Pay.

-Standard, Colored, Limited Edition, & Exclusive Releases:
Angel Olsen - My Woman (Purple) - 2LP - $45
Angel Olsen - Phases (Olive Green) - LP - $40
Aphex Twin - Syro (Gatefold, Black) - 3LP - $25
Better Oblivion Community Center ‎– Better Oblivion Community Center (Orange LP) - $40
Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial (Black) - 2LP - $20
Clams Casino - 32 Levels (White) - $40
Cody Jinks ‎– Lifers (VMP, Yellow/Red Splatter) - $70
Dave Chappelle - The Age of Spin & Deep In the Heart of Texas (Clear w/ Black Smoke) - 4LP - $40
DIIV - Is The Is Are Special Edition (Clear w/ Marbled Blue/Yellow, Pink/Red), - 2LP - $50
Father John Misty - Pure Comedy (Loser, Colored) - 2LP $35
Father John Misty - Fear Fun (Red) - LP - $40
Florist - Emily Alone (Black/White Split) - $50
Flume - Skin (Purple Swirl) - 2LP - $95
Frightened Rabbit - Midnight Organ Fight (180g, Black LP, 10th Ann. Ed.) - $50
Future Islands - The Far Field (180g, White LP) - $25
Jim James - Eternally Even (Gold LP) - $25
Jungle - For Ever (Gold) - 2LP - $35
Kanye West/Jay Z - Watch the Throne (Official Picture Disc)- 2LP (VG+) - $95
Khruangbin ‎– Live At Lincoln Hall (Purple LP) - $80
Khruangbin ‎– The Universe Smiles Upon You (White LP) - $100
Khruangbin ‎– 全てが君に微笑む (Japan Exclusive compilation of early Khruangbin singles) - $75
Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein ‎– Stranger Things Volume One (Soundtrack, Score) (Clear w/ Black Smoke) - 2LP - $30
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti Remastered Deluxe Edition (180g, Black) - 3LP - $50
Led Zeppelin ‎– The Complete BBC Sessions (Black LP) - $120
Leon Bridges - Coming Home (Red LP) - $100
Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory (Black LP) - $25
Mac Demarco - make offers on his entire discography
Maggie Rogers - Heard It In A Past Life (Red LP) - $50
Migos - Culture (Gold LP) - $25
Mountain Goats - Goths - 3LP (2 Red, 1 Green) - $25
Nina Simone - At Town Hall (Pink) - $25
Pink Floyd - The Wall (180g, Black) - 2LP - $40
Radiohead - In Rainbows (Black) - $20
Rhye - Blood LP (2LP, Purple) + Summer Days (12", Red) - 3LP - $75
Sleigh Bells - Treats (180g, Black, Issued unsealed in a poly outer bag) - LP - $20
Sylvan Esso - Sylvan Esso (Coke Bottle Clear LP) - $75
Tame Impala - Currents - (Violet/Amber) (US Edition) - 2LP - $100
The Avalanches ‎– Wildflower (Red) - 2LP - $55
The Band - Music From Big Pink (Pink) 2LP - $65
The Beatles - Abbey Road (Black) - LP - $30
The War On Drugs ‎– A Deeper Understanding (Yellow/Orange) - 2LP - $60
The War On Drugs ‎– Slave Ambient (Blue) - 2LP - $55
Toro y Moi - What For? (Blue/White Starburst) - LP - $40
Tops - Sugar at the Gate (Yellow LP) - $20
The Mountain Goats ‎– Beat The Champ - 3L P(1 Orange, 1 Green, 1 Red) - $40
Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride (Spotify, Blue/Green Split) - $95
Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM) - Vaudeville Villain (Silver, 15th Ann. Ed.) - $30
Weezer - The Blue Album (180g, Blue) - $40

J Cole - KOD (Red, Signed) - $75
Kacey Musgraves - A Very Kacey Christmas - (Signed, Green) Amazon Exclusive Edition - $200
Kendrick Lamar - Untitled Unmastered. (Black, Signed) - $50
Mac Demarco - This Old Dog (Signed Poster, White Vinyl) - $80
Matt Morton - Apollo 11 (Soundtrack) (Black, Signed by both Morton and Director Todd Douglas Miller) - $30
Mitski - Be the Cowboy (Signed Poster, Polaroids, /100) - $50
TLC - TLC (Black, Signed LP) - $50
Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride (Black, Signed) - 2LP - $100

-Box Sets:
Amy Winehouse - The Collection (Black) - 8LP - $120
Black Eyed Peas - The Complete Vinyl Collection (12LP) - $160
David Bowie - Sound & Vision (1989, Clear) (Used) - 6LP - $180
DJ Koze - Knock Knock (Indie Exclusive) 3LP+7"+10"+CD Boxset - $45
Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong ‎– Complete Studio Master Takes (Black 5LP, Blue 10") - 6LP - $80
George Harrison - All Things Must Pass (Black, 2017 Lt Ed) 3LP - $60
Gorillaz - The Now Now Deluxe Box Set(180g, Blue) - LP - $75
La La Land OST - The Complete Musical Experience 2CD/3LP (Blue, Black) - $105
My Morning Jacket - Okonokos (Live at The Fillmore San Fran) - 4LP - $40
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium - 4LP - $35
Run the Jewels - RTJ3 (Limited Edition Super Vinyl) (Blue 2LP, Gold 2LP) - 4LP - $120
Songs: Ohia - Love & Work The Lioness Sessions Box Set (Purple) - 2LP - $60
Sufjan Stevens - Songs For Christmas (Black) - 5LP - $55
The Beatles Stereo Box Set(180g, Box Set + Book) - 16LP - $500
The War On Drugs ‎– A Deeper Understanding (Coke Bottle Clear 2LP, Black 12", Clear 7", + CD) - $80
Thundercat - Drunk 4x10 inch (Red) - $35
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[DISCUSSION] An essential (album) guide to Lo-fi Hip Hop.

[DISCUSSION] An essential (album) guide to Lo-fi Hip Hop.
  • One of the originators and perhaps the sole master of the sound which Lo-fi Hip Hop derives from and long before it was coined Lo-fi Hip Hop was RZA: musician and record producer respectively from the group from Wu-Tang Clan and the mastermind behind their 1993 debut album "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)". The album became a blueprint for hardcore Hip Hop in the early 90s. It also served as an inspiration for Hip Hop instrumental albums and breakbeats, which implemented chopped samples of genres as jazz, soul and musical traditions from Asia.
  • In 1999 RZA went on and produced one of the first major Hip Hop instrumental albums for the movie: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.

Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai.
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai

  • In 2007 RZA released the album: The RZA—Instrumental Experience. It contains a set of his well-known tracks, alongside several lesser-known ones from various projects.

The RZA—Instrumental Experience
The RZA—Instrumental Experience

  • While RZA was expanding his sound from NY across the world during the mid-90s, another contemporary namely J Dilla from the underground hip hop scene in Detroit started to gain attraction as a Hip Hop instrumentalist. J Dilla released several studio albums, compilations and dozen of posthumously released work, which makes it is difficult to single out a specific album among his discography that describes Lo-fi Hip Hop. However a single favorite of mine is the track "Nothing Like This" from the 2003 album: Ruff Draft.

Ruff Draft
Ruff Draft

  • Nujabes, was a Japanese record producer, DJ, composer and arranger who produced atmospheric instrumental albums, mixing conventional hip hop and jazz. Nujabes released three solo studio albums, including the 2003 debut album: Metaphorical Music which offers a combination of traditional soul and jazz samples.

Metaphorical Music
Metaphorical Music

  • Last but not least: the artist Clams Casino came on to the scene in 2011 with his self-released album simply named: "Instrumentals" as a free digital download. Clams Casinos music has been described as "[bringing] together conventional hip-hop drums, a sensitive ear for off-to-the-side melodies, and an overdose of oddly moving atmosphere, yet clearly within the breakbeat genre and the Lofi Hip Hop spectrum.

Clams Casino - Instrumental
Clams Casino - Instrumental

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Destination: The Destination That Started It All!

I have been living in the Seattle area since 1979. Having said that, your first rule of thumb when living in Seattle is to lie about how long you have lived here.
There you are - you're established. Now you need some obscure lingo to drive the point home that you are a native. Here's some buzz words and names: Duwamish, The Wheedle on the Needle, Wayne Cody, Downtown Freddie Brown, etc. You can find a plethora of lost Seattle names, terms, etc. at any Lynnwood Garage Sale.
Terms to avoid: Dick's, Beth's, Olympia or Rainier beer, and any espresso company. These are dead give aways that you are trying too hard. Stick with the old lumber - like Jafco, Payless, and Wigwam.
Example: I moved here in 1982. I can remember seeing Wayne Cody in Payless buying adult diapers and a case of beer.
Once you craft a good story you can avoid the abuse of "native" Seattlites. There's like five.
Moving right along, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the Puget Sound area. Looks like it's Olympia to Everettish and Bremertonish to Redmondish. That's a big area. We don't really have the time to go town to town, but we'll hit the bigger areas.
Olympia: this is a great place to stop and get breakfast on your way home from Ocean Shores or Oregon. This is the only reason to go to Olympia. Oh, and a liberal arts college. Those are the two things Olympia is good for. Oh, and being in a girl band. Apparently there's some governmental apparatus down there, but I didn't finish the brochure in the Denny's.
Between Olympia and Tacoma: This is the area where there is nothing. Back in the 1800s, people built Olympia and then said "the hell with building any more liberal arts colleges" and moved North skipping most of the swamps and the bogs on the way until they got bored and built one of the biggest military bases in the country. So, you can just shut your eyes from Olympia to Tacoma. You won't miss anything.
Tacoma: BUZZ WORD ALERT: Tacoma aroma. This will get you mad street cred as well. A hub of (another buzz word) PULP AND PAPER, Tacoma boasts a smell somewhere between that patch of 405 near Renton and that weird hops and coffee smell near the old Rainier building. They also have a glass museum that one guy opened....has a patch, smells like Tacoma, beats kittens....that one guy.
Fife: Imagine Blade Runner with no technology - just dilapidated warehouses and smoke. Add meth users and casinos.
Federal Way: Home of the Green River Killer. Federal Way boasts a mall, the ruins of Weyerhaeuser, and a ton of small lakes. BUZZ WORD: PJ Pockets: a pool hall you could really get shot in.
Auburn: Auburn is Seattle's answer to Mama's Family. Let's say you love the rural south, but pine for Native American culture: look no further than Auburn. INSIDER TIP: Cheap entertainment can be had by going to the burn pit at the firework stand on the reservation. It's like a new installment of Jackass.
Kent: Kent has been the whipping boy for South Seattle for many years. Sure there's more AA meetings than people and sure even the Mormons in Kent are on meth, but make no mistake...I forgot what I was going to say. BUZZWORD: Caveman BBQ.
Renton: Imagine a Vape store. Now imagine people living in that Vape store. Then put a small shopping center in there and a pro sports team's training facility. Now imagine everyone is shoplifting. That's Renton.
Sea Tac: The only reason to go to Sea Tac is 13 Coins. The food has gone down hill a bit, but the ambiance is still there. Oh, wait. The airport is in Sea Tac. TIP: They have rejuvenation rooms in the C terminal to get the smell of Sea Tac off of you before you leave. Also, Sea Tac boasts 20 hand job parlors for every man in Auburn.
Algona: Only exists on maps. Right under the dragon and the legend.
Pacific: The closest body of water to "Pacific" is the 32 ounce coke you can buy at the Arco.
Sumner: My buddy's dad had a Chinese restaurant out here. That's all I know about Sumner.
Des Moines: Close your eyes, hold your nose and run as fast as you can to Redondo.
Covington: Once you go Covington you never go back: Covington boasts the epicenter of casual dining (Red Robin, etc.) and complications from diabetes and heart disease will leave you stationary.
Maple Valley: This is a swell place to raise a family...with the other 23 million people raising families in this area. Honestly, this town would make a chicken farm blush. I had a friend who lived here and his porch was his neighbor's bedroom.
Kennydale: You know that place where you can stand in four or five states at the same time? Well, you can stand in 20 tax brackets in Kennydale.
Factoria: Goldberg's is good. There's a DMV. You can also see hookers in their natural environment at Nordstrom Rack.
Issaquah: Issaquah is Seattle's playground. You get the same pretentiousness coupled with an REI, a trail network, a lake, and GASTROPUBS! GASTROPUBS! GASTROPUBS! TRIVIA: Ted Bundy killed a bunch of people here.
Newcastle: For one reason or another I know that New Castle has the largest population of South Africans. Hey, remember that Lethal Weapon with the bad guy South Africans? Um...oh, I know! One of the best views is at Newcastle golf course. You can see all the way to Seattle. First best? Top of Issaquah Highlands. I should have mentioned that in the Issaquah part. Anyway, that was an awesome Lethal Weapon.
Redmond: Home of Microsoft and three months of The Steve Miller Band playing at Marymoor. There's also a Wholefoods.
Woodinville: One big D.U.I.
Bellevue: There's a mall.
Mercer Island: Rich people and (BUZZWORD) ROANOKE INN. I think Steve Jobs lived here. Oh, wait. No, it's Paul Allen. Or is it?
Seattle: There's a space needle.
Kirkland: Um...
Everett: Exactly like Fife if everyone in Fife thought it was 1982 and had never left the city to find out otherwise.
Bothel: also goes by the name Burien.
Those are some of Puget Sound's hot spots. But how can you live in this area?
First! Have money. The average studio apartment in Seattle runs one coca a month. That's the net worth of one cocaine plantation. As you move South and North the price goes down, but East and West you'll be dealing with much the same market.
Bring a tent! It's no secret that you can live for free in Seattle with the use of a tent. Just pitch your tent wherever and BUILD BUILD BUILD! That's one thing Amazon and the homeless have in common!
Know the language: I've supplied you with a few buzz words to get you by, but only you can sell it. I recommend watching Alice in Chains or Nirvana Unplugged and edit out the music. That nasal drip voice speaks volumes when you use it to order tea or heroin at your favorite coffee shop.
The Locks. I don't remember what The Locks are, I don't know what they do, and I don't want to know. However, once you tell out of towners to visit them and hear about how boring they are, you are officially a Seattlite.
The Space Needle: 20 dollars for THIS?
Five Point: Trendy? Probably. Worth it? Most definitely.
The Monorail: How long does it take to get from the Space Needle to WE'RE HERE Westlake on the monorail?
EMP: Oompa Loompa Ooompala Dee see Paul Allen's garage for a nominal fee!
The Flight Museum: This is the best museum ever. I can't tell you how amazing this...I've never been there.
Eddie Vedder: Lives in West Seattle. He's out playing drums in front of Duke's on Tuesdays.
Kurt Cobain: Check out his old house and exchange totally embarrassed looks with other 40 year olds that still live with their parents.
Jimmy Hendrix: You have to go to Renton. See RENTON.
Politics: if you can hold it in your hand it can be composted.
Well, that's a rough guide for the novice. Thanks and Keep Clam!
P.S. You can buy pot!
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Producer with studio looking for a R&B vocalist to collab with Tuesday evening in LA, anyone down?

I'm a producebeatmaker from Toronto that's in LA working on a project this week. I've rented out a studio in East Hollywood tomorrow night (Tues Dec 9th) to finish up some projects and ideas with my team here.
Any R&B vocalists here who might be down to collab and record? I'm covering the cost of the studio time incl. engineer, providing beats/production, and happy to split the % shares of whatever we create with you :) I can share whatever we record with you.
The sound is similar to Clams Casino / Shlohmo / XXYYXX / Blue Sky Black Death. Slow and spacious, but deep and dope. Lots of creative breathing room for you to work with :)
A little last minute, but it's a win-win for everyone. If you're down, reply here or DM me and we can see if it's a fit :)
Thanks guys, you're da best <3
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The Based God Manifesto: An In-Depth Analysis of 20 of Lil B's Most Acclaimed Tracks



Numerous ancient religious texts foretold the coming of a great prophet in the 3rd week of August in the year 1989 A.D. The ascension of Brandon McCartney to the top of the Western world’s cultural sphere has proven these predictions to be true.
Born to a virgin in the small town of Bethlehem—err, Berkeley, Brandon showed an impeccable musical acumen from a young age. He began composing music from within the womb and continued to do so following his official birth. He sustained his musical output throughout his childhood, most of which is due to be released upon his death, as Brandon himself has said that his early material is “too real” for the world at present and will only be able to be properly understood by the generations that follow.
Despite receiving grades that broke California elementary school records and having multiple Ivy League scholarship offers in his early teens, Brandon’s truest passion was for creating hip hop music. At the age of 16, he had his first major radio hit:
Lil B’s only charting single and an essential component of his discography. This was my own personal introduction to Brandon’s music though I didn’t know it at the time. The track may seem unimpressive in the greater context of the music that would follow it, but it set the foundation for Lil B to enter the music industry and make a name for himself, foreshadowing the success he would find at the start of the following decade.


In the years following the release of “Vans”, Brandon began to hone his craft and release music at a Picasso level of productivity. From the mid-2000s through the early 2010s literally THOUSANDS of Lil B songs were released through the once-dominant social media website MySpace. Because the site would limit the number of tracks that an artist could upload to their profiles to just 5 songs, Brandon created hundreds of MySpace pages to showcase all of his material. It was also around this time that he conceived of his greatest creation: The Based God.
The Based God is a bit of an enigma in regard to who he is and what his relationship to Brandon consists of. Some believe that “The Based God” is just another name for Brandon’s rap persona, similar to “Lil B”, but seeing as how the Based God is normally referred to in the third person in Brandon’s music this has been a point of contention among the Based community. Regardless of who the Based God truly is, he is a being that is all knowing, pure swag and boundlessly positive; these qualities are properly summed up using the adjective “based”, a word that is hard to properly define but is best described as being synonymous with everything having to do with Lil B. The Based God’s influence had a major impact on the music that Brandon was making, both in terms of increasing the quality of the songs and widening the scope of his popularity. This led to the creation of Lil B’s next major hit:
Wonton Soup
“Wonton Soup” was many peoples’ introduction to the music of Lil B and, for many, it was their exit point as well. The song seems pedestrian on the surface with a generic trap beat and non-sensical lyrics from the Based God, but underlying the more elementary aspects of the song are a flurry of pop culture references and clever wordplay, including the infamous “Bitches suck my dick because I look like J.K. Rowling”, among others. The song inspired a slew of memes and skyrocketed Lil B’s popularity into the stratosphere, with the original YouTube upload of the video having over 1.4 billion views before it’s unfortunate removal. It also serves as an early example of Lil B projecting his confidence in his ability to have sex with your girlfriend, a common trope that would resurface frequently in his music.


Brandon continued to hone his craft for recording abstractly lyricized trap bangers over the following years. These songs, many of which were considered to be “Based Freestyles” or “cooking music” (named after the famous cooking dance that is meant to be performed along with the music), would come to represent one of his trademark styles of music and would help him connect with the more plebian contemporary rap crowd in a way much of his other material could not. Some of his most notable work in this vein includes:
Like a Martian
A Based Freestyle in the purest sense of the word, Lil B’s raw lyricism and unbridled swag make this song what it is. “Like a Martian” describes how Brandon’s sex escapades and drug abuse are comparable to that of someone who is not of this Earth, but instead of its closest cousin in the planetary system. The music video, directed by once-slightly-relevant rapper Kreayshawn, features several quick camera cuts that highlight the chaos of Lil B’s raps. Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk has agreed to send Brandon on the first pedestrian spacecraft sent to the planet Mars as a result of the track.
Pretty Bitch
With 56 usages of the word “bitch”, this song more than lives up to its title. A full 18 months before A$AP Rocky would first lay claim to being the prettiest rapper in the game, the Based God proved he was the one who truly held the crown. The music video also featured an early tease of the mysterious Black Ken mixtape, which would not see a proper release until 2017 due to Lil B’s uninhibited perfectionism.
Justin Bieber
One of many celebrity-themed songs recorded by the Based God, wherein Lil B highlights the various ways that he is comparable to and, in some cases, is actually the person that he is writing the song about. “Justin Bieber” features Brandon claiming to be a blood relative of Mr. Bieber, substantiated by a totally not Photoshopped image of the two hanging out together at a local Bay Area library.
1000 Bitches
In early 2013, the Based God finally realized his lifelong goal of having sexual intercourse with 1000 different women. Following an illustrious award ceremony, he recorded and released “1000 Bitches” as a teaser single from his then-upcoming Pink Flame mixtape. The video game sound effects woven throughout the beat are a reference to Brandon’s first sexual encounter at the age of 7, when he was fellated while simultaneously playing Super Mario 64.
Look Like Jesus
Arguably the most controversial song of the 21st century, “Look Like Jesus” took Lil B’s brash and provocative rap style to a whole new level. With a music video that was recorded inside of an actual church and lyrical content referencing the fact that Jesus may have indeed looked like the Based God, the song wound up being highly influential on contemporary artists’ renderings of Jesus in the early 21st century and beyond.


While most peoples’ ideas of Lil B’s music stem from his more ‘cooking’ style tracks, true Task Force members recognize that Brandon’s best tracks are the ones that come from his heart. In contrast to the more trap-flavoured feel of the aforementioned songs, the Based God’s more serious material is among the most moving and inspirational hip hop music ever produced. Some believe that the “cooking” music was created by Lil B as a rouse to get media attention and publicity so that his more “based” material could be given a proper spotlight.
I’m God
The song that many consider to be the pinnacle of Lil B’s career. In addition to being named one of the best produced songs of the decade by the highly respected Complex Magazine, launching the career of then-unknown producer Clams Casino and having countless rappers hop on the beat in an attempt to capture the magic of the original (though none were as graceful as the Based God’s version), the song was an early indication of Brandon’s ability to be more than just a meme. He states on the intro that he had always wanted to be God, and on this track he finally realizes that dream. No other words are required; simply listening to this masterpiece is enough to convince one of its greatness. It’s close cousin “B.O.R. (Birth of Rap)”, which is also produced by Clams, is equally impressive.
The Age of Information
Probably my all time favorite Lil B song, and my go-to for proving to others that he isn’t the surface level artist that one might assume he is having only heard material like “Wonton Soup”. A brutally honest assessment of contemporary culture and its overreliance on technology, “The Age of Information” was so crushingly relatable that it felt as if the Based God himself was speaking to me directly the first time I’d heard it (granted I was stoned off my ass at the time but I digress). For the millions of millennials who have grown up glued to TVs and computer screens this song almost serves as a form of therapy, with Brandon admitting that he himself spends more time living in the fantasy world of the Internet than he should, taking the real world around him for granted in the process.
Birth to Life
The only Lil B album to receive a vinyl release was Rain in England, a spoken word new age record (yes I’m being completely serious; it’s literally a spoken word new age album) that featured the Based God spreading his boundless wisdom on top of ambient instrumentals, all of which Brandon created on his own. “Birth to Life”, the intro to the album, is the equivalent of an entire semester-long college level philosophy class condensed into 3 minutes and 42 seconds of pure bliss. The Based God would later release an instrumental version of Rain in England entitled Choices and Flowers, correctly declaring it to be the first classical music album ever released by a hip hop artist.
I Hate Myself
2011 marked the release of Lil B’s most notorious and possibly most well-known album, the controversially titled I’m Gay. This album, along with the Angels Exodus album released a few months prior, were the most consistent and serious releases of Lil B’s career up to that point. “I Hate Myself” was undoubtedly the most poignant cut off of the former. Over a brilliantly utilized Goo Goo Dolls sample, the Based God laments the negative self-image of young black men in America. The track ends with Brandon recognizing that the views he previously had of himself were a lie; with this realization, he finds that he can finally and truly love himself as the person he is.
All My Life (Remix)
A personal favorite off of the legendary Angels Exodus project, the remix to Lil B’s “All My Life” puts Brandon’s beautiful singing voice on full display. It’s often assumed that Brandon used Auto Tune or some other form of pitch correction on his vocals to get them to sound as perfect as they are on this song; on the contrary, his natural singing talents leave such studio trickery to be unnecessary.
G.O.R. (God of Rap)
The centerpiece of the Based God’s 101 track mixtape 05 Fuck Em, “God of Rap” is a brilliantly sequenced Based anthem. In the span of 10 minutes Lil B takes the listener on a journey through the first three levels of the Based experience (it should be noted that there are 32 levels in total to be accessed; to date Brandon is the only person alive known to have reached the sacred 32nd level). Featuring three separate beat switches and a constant stream of knowledge from the Based God, this song alone is enough to eclipse most artists’ entire careers. Eminem’s “Rap God” came out one month later and was directly inspired by Lil B’s track, though it failed to reach the same artistic heights as the song it was trying to imitate.
No Black Person Is Ugly
While some weak-minded fools considered the Lil B phenomenon to have mostly run its course by the end of 2012, Brandon proved his naysayers wrong by dropping this gem off the Ultimate Bitch mixtape in 2014. Showcasing one of the best flows of any Lil B song and projecting an exceptionally Based message unto the listener, “No Black Person Is Ugly” espouses the values of inner beauty and believing in oneself in the face of racism and discrimination. It famously received the illustrious “Best New Music” tag from cultural zeitgeist Pitchfork, which confirms that the song is objectively good regardless of one’s subjective (and potentially wrong, if you disagree) opinion.


The following songs are notable but do not fit into either of the two aforementioned categories of Brandon’s music:
A major smash off of the Pink Flame mixtape, “Eat” is an in-depth look into Lil B’s impeccable cunnilingus skills. With a distinctive 80s flavor and a luxurious music video filmed at a local Olive Garden, the song is a divine showcase of the Based God’s sexual prowess and impressive tolerance for rank vagina. The line "56 bitches and I look like Based God" is a subtle nod to the 56 usages of the word "bitch" in the previously discussed "Pretty Bitch". A common prank to be played on children is to blast the intro to the song at high volume from a car and watch them run out of their houses thinking it’s the ice cream man.
Can I Bust Tonight
The Based God’s cover of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” from The Lion King had such an emotional impact on film director Jon Favreau that he gave Lil B a starring role in his upcoming recreation of the Disney film as a token of appreciation. This alone is all that needs to be said to attest to this song’s greatness.
4 Me
In 2011, Rihanna’s Calvin Harris-produced “We Found Love” became a worldwide smash, giving the pop star her 11th number one single in the United States. What most people don’t know was that Calvin Harris had actually given the song to Lil B first, sending him the beat in early 2011 before Rihanna’s version had been recorded. Lil B ultimately left his take of the song, “4 Me”, on the cutting room floor for his Illusions of Grandeur mixtape, leading to Rihanna picking up the song later on. In early 2013, Brandon’s version was leaked to the Internet, prompting its inclusion on his 100% Percent Gutta mixtape as a bonus track. Lil B receives 2% of all royalties earned from “We Found Love” as a result.
California Boy
The presumed first single from the long delayed Lil B rock album, “California Boy” more than proves that the Based God’s musical talents span across multiple genres of music. Despite the music video showcasing a full backing band, Brandon actually mixed, mastered, and played all of the instruments on the song by himself. The Lil B rock album was also slated to include collaborations with Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Slash, Ringo Starr, Lars Ulrich, Jim Morrison, Scott Stapp and Seth Putnam, among others. Critics have long asserted that, if released, the album will be the most important rock album this side of Nevermind.
Fuck KD
A highlight from the basketball-themed Hoop Life mixtape, and possibly the most legendary of Lil B’s numerous diss tracks (save, perhaps, for the David Banner career killer “I Own Swag”), this scathing critique of basketball superstar Kevin Durant was a result of Durant ignorantly dissing the Based God on Twitter and later refusing to play him in a one-on-one game of basketball after being challenged by Brandon. Lil B had previously placed a curse on Durant which would have prevented him from ever winning an NBA championship. Durant later chose to join Lil B’s hometown team, the Golden State Warriors, in a blatant attempt to have the curse removed. The Based God obliged, and Durant finally won the NBA championship in his first season in Oakland.
I Love You
Capping off the manifesto is “I Love You”, the closing track from Lil B’s God’s Father mixtape and one of the rarest songs in the Based God’s catalog. Gorgeously produced and exceptionally heartfelt, “I Love You” perfectly encapsulates the Based mentality that permeates the best of Brandon’s material. He himself was so moved by the track and what it represents that he can be seen crying at the end of the music video. Rest assured that all of us are crying along with him.


Noisey’s 22 minute documentary on Lil B
Part 1 of Lil B’s lecture at New York University
Lil B teaches how to do the cooking dance
Lil B’s appearance on ESPN’s “Sports Nation”
Nardwuar vs. Lil B
Guy throws his girlfriend on stage and asks Lil B to fuck her
The song Lil B recorded with his cat
Note: Some of the information presented here as fact may actually be exaggerated, misinterpreted or downright false.
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Guide to Mac Miller

After some suggestions over at /music and actually thinking about it myself, I decided to post my introduction to my favorite artist, Mac Miller.
Inspired by the awesome "Guide to Kanye West" by habs76 that actually got me into Kanye and by all the other amazing "guides" out there, I decided, since I didn't found any, to create one for my favorite artist: Mac Miller. If you're thinking "hey that guy barely has four years of career, it's too short" I have to say that, although that's true, he has put out an impressive number of songs, actually his latest mixtape, FACES, is his 11th official release, so we're talking about a lot of material over a short period of time.
A Quick Introduction
Mac Miller's music can be divided into two, distinct phases, with a very different sound: pre-Blue Slide Park and post-BSP. That is because a lot changed in his life after Blue Slide Park came out and those changes were reflected in his music. The former phase is maybe his most commercially successful one, with most, if not all his biggest hits written in this time. The sound is very white-boy rapper with predominantly dancey beats, although there are differences between each of the works that came out over this phase. The latter is a phase characterized by less commercial success but more artistic production, where Mac Miller is not just a rapper anymore, but an eclectic artist who can easily adapt to different genres and can also craft, both for himself and for other artists (such as Vince Staples and SZA), unique sounds under the pseudonym of Larry Fisherman.
So, let's get started:
The High Life (2009) [Mixtape]
The High Life marks the proper introduction of Mac Miller into the world of professional hip-hop, granting him enough local success to ensure him lots of sold-out shows in his hometown of Pittsburgh and in Pennsylvania. It sounds a bit unpolished, but you can already hear hints of his distinct "modern rap, throwback beat" style.
Standout Tracks:
K.I.D.S. (2010) [Mixtape]
This mixtape was his breakthrough work and one of his two best works in my opinion. It was his first release after signing with Rostrum, Wiz Khalifa's, and as of late Mac himself's now former, label. Recorded while he already had his own place thanks to the money he made with The High Life, the sound is pretty much on the same style as the latter, although in this mixtape the beats are more polished and his writing has improved greatly. The name K.I.D.S. stands for Kicking Incredibly Dope Shit, and comes for the movie Kids.
Standout Tracks:
Best Day Ever (2011) [Mixtape]
This was the mixtape that made him an international superstar. It has many hits, probably thanks to the very bangery sound of most of the beats.
Standout Tracks:
Blue Slide Park (2011)
Named after the Pittsburgh park, up until this album, his debut album, Mac Miller had built so much hype that it was inevitable to see this album skyrocket to the top of the charts on its first week of sales, setting the record for most successful independent album of all time. But, for most of the critics, notably Pitchfork, this was only because of the hype and not because the album was actually that good, therefore receiving generally unfavorable reviews. I think that the album is far from perfect, and a bit redundant if you listen to it as a whole, but it surely has got its fair share of good pieces, such as:
Macadelic (2012) [Mixtape]
This mixtape marks the start of Mac Miller's second artistic phase. The rather harsh reception that Blue Slide Park received put Mac under a lot of stress, and he went through a bad period in his life. This led him to change his direction in music towards a darker, more thoughtful path, although Macadelic still shares some similarities with his previous work.
Standout Tracks:
Watching Movies With The Sound Off (2013)
His second album, it didn't nearly get the same reception as BSP, under every point of view. In fact, it sold much fewer copies while being received overwhelmingly better by critics. I think that it is his best work, maybe together with K.I.D.S. (the two are really different and thus not comparable). In this album Mac's artistic evolution, started on Macadelic, blossoms in an astonishingly wonderful way, with 19 songs that are wonderfully diverse and rich, a cast of collaborators picked perfectly and beautiful production, sometimes handled by the man himself. I recommend listening to the whole album, but there are a few tracks that I think are above the others. The name comes from the way he worked on the album, actually while watching movies with the sound off in the studio.
Standout Tracks:
Live From Space (2013) [Live Album]
This is not your usual live album, because it's not just a recording of him performing his usual songs at a show. After WMWTSO came out, Mac embarked on The Space Migration Tour and brought, along with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt and Chance The Rapper, the experimental band The Internet from Odd Future together. In fact, on the first part of each show Mac played some of his best songs off of WMWTSO but also from previous works in a wonderfully rearranged version together with The Internet. I recommend listening to the whole album as well because some of the rearrangements are done perfectly, but I'd also suggest giving a listen to some of the new material on the album, because it's really good.
Standout Tracks:
FACES (2014) [Mixtape]
His latest mixtape, although on the same wave length of Macadelic and WMWTSO, starts to bend a little towards a more alternative, and a touch brighter, direction, and also features much more production by himself, as he's getting much better. The mixtape provides the listener with a staggering 24-track set, although some tracks are (and this is a new entry in his style) instrumentals.
Standout Tracks:
EDIT: Thanks to nulspace, I added Live From Space.
EDIT 2: Guys I know it's missing some stuff from really early/Easy Mac days, his Larry Lovestein stuff and Delusional Thomas too, but his early projects are somewhat obscure and he even said once to "don't even listen to that shit" because he was too young... As for his side projects, I skipped them because they are completely different from the stuff he does under the "Mac Miller" name and I wanted this to be just a Mac Miller introduction for people who are not that into him... I believe that once someone gets hooked they'll find out soon enough about that stuff ;)
EDIT 3: To everyone saying that this is not complete and I'm missing out on his best stuff and the guide is completely useless and shit: this post was meant for people who are not really into Mac Miller, to make them listen to what I believe is the best bit of his work. This was not meant for fans of Mac Miller who know the lyrics to Smoke Signals by heart. This is a starting point from where someone who is genuinely interested can start to then dig deeper onto that other stuff on his own. At least that's been the case for me with all of the different guides out there, from OutKast to Modest Mouse, that is my concept of an introductory guide. Man, that guide didn't even feature Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, which is an album, not a mixtape, and yet it was still awesome to me. I'm sorry if my concept of introduction seems wrong to you, you are free to not read this guide, especially if you already are a Mac Miller fan.
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Best Beats 2.0, Week 29 - Nujabes

The Japanese beat king is this week's best verse!
Background: Nujabes (ヌジャベス Nujabesu?). Nujabes (pronounced /ˈnudʒɑːbɛs/) was an anagram of his name, being the reverse spelling of Seba Jun. He was the owner of two Shibuya record stores, T Records and Guinness Records, and founder of the independent label Hydeout Productions. His style mixes hip hop and jazz samples. Nujabes collaborated with other Japanese artists such as Uyama Hiroto, Shing02 (with whom he created the critically acclaimed "Luv(sic)" hexalogy), Minmi, and was also involved with America's underground hip hop scene through collaboration with CYNE, Apani B, Five Deez, Substantial, CL Smooth, Fat Jon, and Terry Callier. In his career, he released three studio albums (Metaphorical Music in 2003, Modal Soul in 2005, and Spiritual State, released posthumously in 2011) and two collection compilations (Hydeout Productions 1st Collection in 2003 and 2nd Collection in 2007).[1] One of his most recognizable works is that of the background music for Shinichirō Watanabe's series Samurai Champloo (Music Record: Departure and Impression) in 2004.
On February 26, 2010, Jun Seba died in a traffic accident.[2] Following his death, numerous tributes were made by other artists from around the world (including his own label Hydeout Productions).
  1. All Votes must provide a one-two sentence justification for it to be counted.
  2. Remember to provide links!
  3. One vote per comment as well.
  4. Before voting please look into listen to some of the Nujabes' best beats and lesser known beats to ensure we are not voting on popularity:
Past 20 Week Results:
Week 8 - Pharrell Williams/The Neptunes - "Clipse - Grindin" Week 9 - DJ Premier - "Royce da 5'9 - Boom" Week 10 - Zaytoven - "Future - Oooooh" Week 11 - The Alchemist - "Mac Miller - Red Dot Music" Week 12 - Mike Will Made It - "Future - Move That Dope" Week 13 - DJ Dahi - "Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees" Week 14 - Knxwledge - "Kendrick Lamar - Momma" Week 15 - Timbaland - "JAY Z - Big Pimpin'" Week 16 - Swizz Beatz - "DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem" Week 17 - Flying Lotus - "Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me" Week 18 - Hit-Boy - "JAY Z & Kanye West - Niggas in Paris" Week 19 - Pete Rock - "Pete Rock & CL Smoth - T.R.O.Y." Week 20 - 9th Wonder - "Anderson .Paak - The Season/Carry Me" Week 21 - El-P - "Cannibal Ox - Iron Galaxy" Week 22 - Boi-1da - "Drake - Pound Cake" Week 23 - 2016 - "Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny" Week 24 - Q-Tip - "Nas - One Love" Week 25 - No I.D. - "Big Sean - Control" Week 26 - Clams Casino - "Lil B - I'm God" Week 27 - DJ Shadow - "DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World" Week 28 - MF DOOM - "MF DOOM - Hoe Cakes"
Post your favorite beats (with links) here!
remember just because a beat may be iconic that does necessarily mean it's their best beat.
taking suggestions for next week
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Clams Casino Style FL Studio Tutorial Preview! 2013 HD! Clams Casino - Live at Bardot Miami - May 7, 2016 Producer Series: HOW TO MAKE BEATS LIKE CLAMS CASINO - YouTube How To Make Ethereal Beats Like Clams Casino [+Samples] How To Sample Like Clams Casino. CLAMS CASINO Tutorial: In The Style Of Vol.13 - Clams ... Clams Casino Exclusive iNterview ...

Clams Casino hat angekündigt, dass es »32 Levels« auch in instrumentaler Form auf Vinyl geben wird. Wir verraten zuverlässig, wann es soweit ist. Wir verraten zuverlässig, wann es soweit ist. Das Album »32 Levels« von Clans Casino erscheint am 15.7.16 bei Sony. Clams Casino, a true beat making master, has released his latest album, Moon Trip Radio. Following his Instrumentals 4 mixtape in 2017, Moon Trip Radio is Clams Casino’s second studio album. Clams Casino’s first album, 32 Levels, was released in 2016 five years after the first Instrumentals mixtape. The New Jersey native broke onto the […] Clams Casino "What's remarkable about Volpe is that he basically helped invent the most interesting new style/sub-genre of hip-hop in the past few years, but not that many people know, probably because it doesn't yet have a catchy name ("Hypnagogic Hip-Hop"? Not happening.). Basically, he took the hazily zonked, nostalgic jumble of '80s/'90s references that became known as chillwave, and ... Clams Casino's Studio Setup? Any tips on producing the same sound? Hey guys! I'm 16 years old and relatively new to producing, I was just curious as to what Clams Casino uses to get his distinct mesmerizing sounds. I've heard a multitude of different answers. I'm however just interested in the equipment specifically. I'd like to know what he uses. I plan on buying a Maschine and Razer Edge ... Clams Casino interview. Benji interviews Clams Casino. Duration: 29 minutes Credits. Role Contributor; Interviewed Guest: Clams Casino: This clip is from. Benji B — Clams Casino in the studio ... 'Clams Casino Drum Kit' by Clams Casino contains 30+ Trap drum kits in WAV format, as well as a selection of complete loops with a unique and authentic ambient Trap vibe. These samples have huge ambient vibes with thick reverb, perfect for creating a dark groove. These samples can be used to make your production process even easier. These samples channel conventional hip-hop styles with an over

[index] [15407] [3715] [5236] [9017] [26034] [21539] [4245] [20708] [6326] [14788]

Clams Casino Style FL Studio Tutorial Preview! 2013 HD!

50+ videos Play all Mix - How To Make Ethereal Beats Like Clams Casino [+Samples] YouTube Producer Series: HOW TO MAKE BEATS LIKE CLAMS CASINO - Duration: 15:21. Internet Money 40,214 views Clams Casino Live at Bardot in Miami's Wynwood Art District Date: May 6th, 2016 Young Lord & Lil Yachty. Category Music; Song I'm God; Artist Clams Casino, Imogen Heap; Licensed to YouTube by Stem ... Hello friends it is me, Subvanity here teaching you how to sample like the man himself Clams Casino. For more interviews and vids of the biggest names in the music industry check out All New Tutorial Will Now Be FREE At: Producer Series: HOW TO MAKE BEATS LIKE CLAMS CASINOSubscribe for Daily Uploads Drum & Sound Kits 💸 a... CLAMS CASINO SAMPLE PACK: Clams Casino Ableton Project: https://www.samplesb...